(Spoilers) Book 7, Chapter 8, Part 1

Disclaimer: I have not edited the following image in any way - this is actually dialogue from the game.



…and here I thought Fjorm was horny for the summoner, this is on a whole new level


a pregnant chracter is missing in fire emblem xD

looking at cuboon. xD


Now that I’ve had some time to digest this chapter, I feel I should add some context.

None of the context makes this plot point look better (quite the opposite, actually), but the situation isn’t quite as simple as it looks in the screenshot.

  • Seidr isn’t asking the Summoner for sex - she wants them to perform a ritual that would produce a child.

  • This ritual, from what I can tell, doesn’t involve any physical intimacy. It just requires a “vow,” made between a mortal and a goddess.

  • Seidr wouldn’t actually have this child growing in her - it would just appear in Vanaheimr (somehow).

  • King Njodr asked Seidr to create a child with the Summoner, “for the long-term prosperity of Vanaheimr.”


Why did I include the context?
Because it seems like the writers are trying very hard to have their cake and eat it too.

Seidr asks the Summoner to “create a child.” This implies “having sex,” but then she gives a lengthy explanation for how that’s not what she meant.

The dialogue is written to make the reader think “sex with Seidr,” without that actually being the case.
The writers are trying to pander to the reader’s attraction to Seidr, without looking like they’re pandering.


I should also point out that this “ritual” plot point was completely unnecessary.

Part 1 already establishes a goal for the player - find and kill Gullveig before she becomes too powerful.
There’s no explanation for how making a child with Seidr furthers that goal.
And if all of the dialogue related to that ritual were removed, Part 1’s story still has its main hook and the setup for the rest of the chapter.


I have a prediction for this chapter…… maybe it could be that the child created by Seidr would be her sister (Heidr) or Gullveig.


IS out here attacking the fan base for being horny on main


“This was a request from King Njordr”
Tell him to not be a coward with me


I mean…

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I’ll be honest, I have not been able to relate to this new chapter in any possible way.

Just a month ago we were fighting against Embla and the world was about to end and all of a sudden we are inmersed in a new fatal war against a time goddess in a god forsaken land.

And why does the summoner has to be involved in every possible conflict in the world? Askr, Heidr, Ymir, Reginn and all of their families should create a United Nations and fix their own problems.

We need


instead of empty stories which tend to end in a similar way.


Could this be an opportunity to give us a proper avatar customization option where the child resembles a bit of our character appearance and-

Of course not. Why I still think this game will give us something else to do besides grinding for orbs and getting your 100th Azama is beyond me.

I bet this plot point is the key for a time plot where Guliveg is in fact the Summoner’s child with Seidor and got corrupted somehow, getting stuck in an infinite loophole until we, somehow, do something that fixes things.

Just like Final Fantasy I.



Actually daddy dearest just asked her to make a kid
She explains one or two text boxes later that there’s “no one she’d chose over Kiran”
I mean maybe the dad specifically references the summoner, but it sounds like all he did was tell her it was time to make a baby and she thought of the summoner on her own


More than likely we’ll find out that her sister is actually her daughter
And we already know from the movie that the sister/daughter is the seer


I sense chad gerudo magic at work here…


Plumeria has her work cut out for her.


Cuboon drawing her with even bigger boona’s due to having a child… im not gonna complain about that


The last meme in that group is the one I’m referencing. I’ve connected the dots.

Ngl, this moment made me laugh so much by its absurdity.

Then, I thought about how the fanbase would be angry and salty about it, and it made me laugh even more.