*spoilers* Cosmic Traveler Reference?

I was wondering if anyone else picked up on who the cosmic traveler was.

Pretty sure thats the man himself, Lovecraft. Also the scene later about his temper matches up with Lovecraft. As well as his affinity for cats. Just thought it was a nice tie in and thought I’d share it


Yep! Also, the fact that the character from the start was “Randolph Carter” is pretty much a strong Lovecraft reference, since he’s a common figure in the books and is considered a self-insert for him.


Carter is afaik is a repeat character in many lovecraft novels and is basically a self-insert for himself

Edit: and beaten to it


Is this the part where one of us owes the other a soda? :fgo_bbgrin:


You’ll never take me alive dashes off


I will say that given his position as an antagonist while his body was possessed by Raum, it certainly was pleasant to see him appear as his normal, Lovecraft self at the end.

Also, I had heard that his model was drawn as inspiration from a particular photograph. Can anyone name it? There’s a couple I think it resembles, but given that they’re typically him with a tie (and he’s without it in-game), can’t say for sure if I’m missing the real one.

you know, for all the liberties they take with character designs, it is kinda refreshingly nice to see such a downright “historically” accurate design


It was a nice, little detail. But it saddens me a bit that it might decrease his chances of becoming an actual servant. He definitely has the merits.

Foreigner Lovecraft when?
Well, we did got a Yagyu who IS a historically accurate old man with clothes fitting his time (no animu thingy, not even a swordbeam, man), so…is not impossible.

Also, 4* Foreigner Lavinia, please, DW.