(Spoilers) Episode 10 of Babylonia!

Enter Quetz! I think this episode has given me a new found appreciation for her. I may even level her now! I just wish we got to see more if her beating up 100 Uruk’s.
And Jaguar Warrior’s little bit in the jungle as they conpletely ignored her made me like her a little more. I found her annoying in the game. But really she’s just the ditzy one for the Harem anime.


This made the episode for me. Also the whole complimenting her made it even better


Won’t lie, I had a lot of fun with the episode and Jaguar, but I still dislike how she break the overall tone set by the series thus far. We have silly stuff thrown at us all the time, but she’s TOO silly.

Gudao will be exchanging some blows with Quetz next ep, I guess.

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Basically agree with this—she’s too much of a joke character.

But yes, Servants die when they are killed made me LOL

I feel like I might’ve reached the point of dropping this show until later, tbh

nothing against, but I’m like 3 episodes behind now and ugh, effort to actually motivate myself to continue

especially since that’s effectively doubled with me checking out the dub as well

Hah, came here to post the same screenshot.

On another topic, I actually don’t mind Jaguar Warrior, fight me :fgo_insane:

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taiga’s good and fun, yes


I saw the line and knew it was a highlight so I capitalized on it :fgo_gudako:

I didn’t take any screens personally. They’re really treating this like a Harem anime and I love it. Which means certain tropes like Jaguar are needed. You have Eresh filling the role of the naive one. Ishtar filling the roll of the entitled one. Quetz as the busty big sister. Mash is the one that overly uses senpai. And Ana is the Loli that could one day love the protag, but not now she is daughter!

during the jaguar warrior complimenting scene, i replayed it but replaced ritsuka with gudako and it made it 100x better.

also, i love quetz. her scene was almost too good. i can’t wait for more of her…