[SPOILERS] My opinion on Agartha

So I finished Agartha within 3 days of it’s release and I usually remember stories that I read on short term, but Agartha was (kinda?) forgetful. The story wasn’t THAT mind-blowing/breathtaking/interesting as the other singularities, but it nevertheless is still a singularity with a story.
Starting off with how the singularity starts, it was normal. I did find myself confused when Davinci-chan mentions something about other masters being there but I was the only one suitable. Did the other Chaldea recruits wake up from their cryogenic sleep? I may be mixing up this part with something else so take it with a grain of salt.
The Amazons were interesting to see for one minute, then it got old real fast. The way they reproduce though (Unicellular division type - I forgot my biology) was a little surprise.
Then the pirates. If you had seen the singularity release trailer, you’d know Drake Alter (Dahut, my bad) will be there and it was kinda cool to think we’d have Drake Alter but nah…
The nightless city was unnecessarily bright, but that’s the whole point of it…
(3 different powers struggling - camelot reference)
Then the topics that caused all the controversy - explicit mentions of sex, slavery, abuse, rape??, and seeing how men were being treated in a women dominated society. Yeah it was scary and I could see why people were riled up.

Columbus betraying you is a truck you see coming from MILES AWAY but you still let that truck hit you because f*** you that’s why. (shinjuku reference)
Megalos was very cool to see, and this time you get to fight a souped up version of heracles with the full 12 lives. But even this fight was broken into 3 separate 4 lives per battle with that last life going you know where. I guess I dreamed too much of Nerofest I was disappointed.
The only fight that was actually a bit of a problem was the Columbus + Megalos fight.
Sheherezade being the demon god pillar was alright??? I guess…
And laputa the landmass aka “the Whore” just hit me out of nowhere. (avengers age of ultron)
So caster just want to destroy the earth Ultron style. Not complaining of the ripoff but caster’s motives are really really confusing. She doesn’t want to die, so she wants to kill everyone and ???
I’m sorry , it was too confusing for me to read between the lines.
Oh and fergus. The biggest wild card here. I feel like his role here was done okay.
(Hey, he THRUST his SWORD(caladbolg) INTO LAPUTA (the Whore).)
A lot of innuendos throughout this whole singularity, and it really didn’t seem like Davinci-chan was behaving normally, with those whistles and the thing about four blushing girls and what not.

Penth was probably the only servant well done and the only one worth taking home.
Wu Zetian… let’s just forget about loli tsunderes for one second alright?

Honestly I don’t know where I would place Agartha if I ever made a rank list for singularities, but it definitely ain’t the best that’s for sure.

EDIT: This thread got way , way bigger than I thought it would and this is by far my largest post here out of my other small, less in quantity posts.
So there are a 100+ replies , I couldn’t read every single reply completely and take the time to understand every single person’s thoughts. But I did see quite a few and I realized I forgot to mention some stuff in my post , most importantly that part about Roman. I do remember going “Oh she should not have told that” to Sheherezade. Every person had their own unique thoughts and boy was there so much to read.
I’m glad a lot of people came together to discuss, it is amazing to see how much knowledge people have.
I guess I will post another “My opinion on …” if an event or the next singularity comes out. I can’t wait for Shimosa, I’ll make sure to take notes as I’m playing Shimosa to make the post more comprehensive.


I am in the middle of the Singularity i guess, Wu Zetian killed and marching against El Dorado.

I knew this singularity was bad since the very beginning.

When you start a story with a comic relief called child-Fergus that talks nonsense from the beginning to the end (because seriously, his dialogs are totally out of an anime. Meaning childish, silly, nonsensical, annoying ).

Then you get Maid Knight and Sailor Astolfo…

What, is this singularity aimed to anime die-hard fans and child of max 10 years old?

Disappointed, oh so much disappointed.

No one is asking for a mature plot here, but at least give us some kind of a plot.

Now, Babilonia was an entertaining singularity…

This one…good only to test my new party build and gaining new saint quartzes.

Sorry game developers, i know that in order to enjoy this Singularity one has to shut down his brain, but i just can’t do that.

I could forgive a lot of things in this singularity, but child-Fergus and his dialogues are beyond silly. My brain fryes when i read them. And i read them only because i’m amazed that there are people who actually write these things.


There… is a plot? Are you just skipping all the text or something? If you don’t like the plot, fine, but you can’t say there isn’t a plot when there clearly is.

And if young Fergus is that much of a deal-breaker for you… yeah, clearly this isn’t for you. I thought he was fine for the most part, and really came through in the finale. Sometimes he can go off on tangents, sure, but if that’s your worst complaint, it’s pretty minor.

I personally liked Agartha. Not as good as Babylonia or Camelot, but still good. I don’t find the majority of the criticism I’ve heard to hold any real weight, but maybe that’s just me.


That probably is the minority’s opinion I guess, for many the line about roman was a huge deal breaker as well as fergus, ‘fetishes’ and traps, I think.

his dialogs are totally out of an anime. Meaning childish, silly, nonsensical, annoying ).

The game is anime, so that’s hardly a surprise - and if animu things are a deal-breaker, respect where it’s due for suffering through it this far. Neither is kiddo Fergus acting his age a shocker. :fgo_illya:

As for OP, it’s stated that the grls serving as sidekicks and underlings for the three queen-lass persons are, in fact, familiars. I suppose the way they come about can be compared in that regard to how Her Highness Medb fielded her men in 'murika. :fgo_rinlaugh:

And, as that came up:

That probably is the minority’s opinion I guess, for many the line about roman was a huge deal breaker as well as fergus, ‘fetishes’ and traps, I think.

Other than people being fundamentally opposed to the idea of suicide, I just don’t get that one at all. Let me get that quote again real quick, here:

Here be Spoil

I honestly can’t comprehend why the line about Roman would be a deal breaker. To Caster, who has no perspective of Roman and what that meant to him and everyone else, it’s entirely reasonable and within character to say that.

I don’t get the big deal with Fergus. As for the traps and fetishes, it was a lot less prominent than I was expecting, and way less than entries in the series like CCC. I could have done without it, but for that to ruin the rest of the story…? That’s a little silly.


I honestly don’t know, I like the story as well but the reddit was really vocal about that part (about roman), also scarlett pointed that out, I just threw them out as possible reasons. I mean chaldea gets really angry, I didn’t understand the exact reason for that but people who did probably got angry for the same reason?

Also for traps/fetishes - once something is bad, all the ones that are remotely bad about it jump out at you, probably.

I liked the story so I am just listing the reasons one might hate it, Maybe someone who hates it a lot can explain better?

I can understand Chaldea getting angry because they feel it diminishes what Roman did. But Caster has no clue about that, so why would fans hold her culpable? Makes no sense.

Well, I’m glad someone else liked it! I’m fine with people disagreeing and not liking it, but I just haven’t seen any reasonable, constructive criticism so far.


I’ve also not read reasonable criticism about it, just people outright hating it, but roman’s fans probably hated it a lot, I was relatively lukewarm towards roman but he’s a relatively popular character right? I can see the hate coming from there, but yeah, I accept that Schez was not wrong with envying roman when she didn’t know one thing about him.

agartha is kinda bland if you compare it to the others singularity,
war between 3 sides, we got it with camelot
betrayal we got it with shinjuku
giant monster we got babylonia

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But what made the whole community hate it with such ferocity? It was almost like the story was the worst among the worst ones in the whole game. I really don’t get that part.

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Not so much “bland” than a mishmash of things we already had before, then?

In that case, definitely add 'murika - whether that in itself is bad or not remains in the eye of the beholder, of course.

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I mean, in that case, why even play FGO in the first place? It’s just Servants fighting each other, something Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero and Fate/Extra and Fate/Apocrypha have already done.

That said, I can see people finding it bland for whatever reason. But you don’t hate things for being bland. The reaction seems pretty disproportionate to anything Agartha could have (arguably) done wrong.

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I believe the main issue is that we get such hype and top tier stories (Camelot, Babylon, Solomon, Shinjuku, and CCC if you want to include the event) One after the other, and each one of them was exciting, great, awesome and all that stuff. Just non-stop excitement.

Agartha personally, the more I think and read after finishing it, the more OK it is. It’s not as bad, just good enough. I mean it was boring at some points and very annoying with the whole “I don’t want to die” and “I wanna become stronger so I train but also I can’t fight women” stuff which honestly made me want to shut down the game for a bit. The plot is not the best of course, with the basis being similar to Camelot which was a real climax. It has the regular flaws any story could have, really, like characters surviving stuff because yeah and weird power-ups out of their… pockets. Just regular plot any game could have.

Fergus was a fine enough character to have around honestly, despite the nuisances I mentioned before. I believe he was handled good enough, the thing is we don’t get actual development that connects everything for the final conclusion. Him dropping the idea of being king isn’t nonsensical but it feels out of nowhere. Him being sorta worried about Scheherazade is just fine being an innocent enough kid, and also growing fond of her due to circumstances.

Scheherazade as I said was annoying and really boring for me. The thing with Roman I was “Oh shit, you f*cked up” and while I do see why the outrage, I feel like it’s nothing to make such a fuss about it. In context it’s nothing so bad really, as many stated, she knows nothing, and what little she knows, has been told by a Demon Pillar. She still sucks for me though, many reasons that may have or have not to do with Agartha.

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Feels less like the quality of the chapter and more just offense taken honestly. Not to say it was all that great,I’m not the arbiter of good or bad,just some people got sorta stuck on one thing and just couldn’t move on.

For some it was the portrayal of women being poor,for others it was anything to do with Best-olfo and D’eon. Those two I can sorta understand because those are powderkegs,such that the most minor thing can be taken as a slight and run with till their legs give out. I don’t get the Roman thing though. Even what she said wasn’t that bad,in fact every time I got to something someone got outraged over that’s what I thought. “This was overblown,please increase chill”.

Best I can say is “It’s Fate”. Everything seems more or less explained,whether poorly or not,in a standard Fate fashion. The futurama amazons cranked up to 11,mistreatment of men,enemy doing the “cell-division”,The part everyone played and the ultimate goal of the story-teller. Only thing that didn’t get an explanation is D’eon’s gender,and that’s just a running gag with no malice to it that we’ve already seen before.

I don’t think Fergus’ final conclusion about being king came out of nowhere. Every time they visited one of the main camps (and some other additional times) he would ponder about how best to rule a country and the merits of each leader’s style. By the end, however, he realized that what was needed for a good king and what he could personally contribute as king did not match up. And I think it’s kind of a mature conclusion. No everyone is fit to be a king or leader. Better to recognize that and step aside than insist on it purely because you feel entitled to the position.

Yes, maybe I didn’t explain it properly, I meant to say that that thing was out of topic, like, we’re in the mess with Phenex and Schez, Wu is coming out, and he starts talking to Schez about one thing, then the other, with no conection between anything happening at that moment. Can’t remember properly though, that scene caused me trouble to read.

Because agartha was really annoying.
Let me explain my opinion :

Child Fergus, simply dislike him being too much saying “Lets go training” that make me really annoying. Give useless dialogue whenever he on the screen. His character are there just to say something like that. Although in the end he ended up helping Master to deal with Sczeherade, he ended up using that kind of joke-solving problem thay kind of “meh” for me. I mean, in the end he just kind of sayin “so to make your fear gone, lets have sex!!!”. Thats really SHIT for me. Plus, fact that the story of singularity ended up with him & Sczeherade makes me think “You shit, this is story isn’t for you!!!”

Penth, this is one of the well-done development here, although only having a few screentime sheel still well developed for me.

Wu, same goes with pent. Given only a few time there, she done a really good roleplay there

Sczeherade, really bad for me. “I don’t want to die again” dialogue kinda meh for me. She’s nothing more than that. Instead of facing her fearnees, she ended up try to ended up heroic spirit summoning “huh?”.

Colombus is shit, killed helena, plotting a really evil plan, but yeah i can still take it because thats how the evil villain should do. He’s done really good role as a villain, given screentime to play a good ally then ended up betraying them isn’t a new thing for me. The another reason i hate him is because his crayon art & his stupid face whenever he play the bad guy in the end.

D’eon and astolfo are okay for me.

Dahut?, congrats drake fans , she’s summoned there by sczherede using drake body. What’s she’s done?, rape and sex. In Summary, Sczeherade makes drake body as a slut. Fact, fight me, no one cares for what happen to drake there. She’s poorly summoned, altered and be a someone who like to bed with a man here.

This singularity having some kind of slavery themed, man ended up getting killed etc just because sczeherade fearness, meh.

I hate this singularity, and no one gonna change my mind. :fgo_buster: :fgo_badciv:


The only word that came to my mind after finishing this singularity was LAME. No more, no less.


I really liked Alstofo in the chapter. But I probably only liked him/her (?) because irl I’ve been learning about gender dysphoria and how it is affecting close friends.

Besides that…I didn’t care for the plot. I hated stupid caster and the never ending mantra of “I don’t want to die”. And was really annoyed by Columbus’ true nature; I didn’t remember slavery and mass murder from history class unless you count the introduction of European diseases to unprepared native American causing mass deaths. Why not pick Cortez and his conquistadors instead?