Spook Central VIA Sith banner

I used one ticket to test my luck as it hasn’t been good for setstuban (only dropping what I had at the time being about 2 multi and 10 tickets and nothing) and I got rainbow sparkle. I got excited and then it was career and I got even more ducted (potential Waver always OP) but I got Jotaro (AKA Xunzang) I-…I love her already.

My only other 5 star spook for drake (who is best farmer holy F) and a fellow plot 5 star.

Anyways, Black grail or K-Scope (for double NP fun) and how good is she in the grand scheme of things, I don’t have a single target caster so regardless I’m happy.


I know the feeling there. Decided to spam some tickets for a Sith Berserker for the heck of it. And it seemed to go well. Gold spark, berserker card, and you know the story. Did try to convince myself it wouldn’t be anything crazy, but when you see that card it is hard to avoid a momentary bit of hype.

Not that finally hitting NP5 for Tamamo Cat is nothing. But…you know, those spooks can eat at you just a bit.

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She is arguably the best ST caster in the game. Pair her with Merlin and no assassin has a chance!

And BLACK GRAIL for certain!!!


Having Sanzang on my account because she spooked me too, I feel you.
Anyway, Sanzang’s strength is her huge battery that allow her to boot her NP with BG (if you have another 20% battery like Merlin’s).
However her damage is straight trash, on top of being weakened by caster class mod., she also has one of the weakest kit in term of damage buff (20% NP damage for one turn). After her NP interlude, her damage is still be lower than most other ST 5* pre-interlude.

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Sanzang is awesome at np2.
She is a good servant to have in general, even for farming.
During event like this one with a big and a small enemy in the second wave you can easly set up her with event ce for that wave or to weaken the boss in the third.

She have 2 strong point
First is her battery. I suppose there is no more to say about how incredibly usefull is a 80% battery. We all know how strong is a 50% , and 80 can let you use black Grail, arguably the strongest CE in the game.

Second, her competition… Well… She have not to face archer or rider competition, that’s for sure. Illya will outdamage her, but the lack of battery and the awful internal … Yeah…
And if we look at 4*, we only have 2 (recently added ) as caster of midrash and caster of okeanos. Both have better kit than sanzang, but have roughtly 3000 less attack than her. You can’t compensate that. I mean, you need to Grail them to 100 and give them golden fou. Don’t know if it’s worth. And midrash do not have a battery, making her less usefull for normal play.

All in all, sanzang is great, congrats. She is one servant no one talk about, but alweys get the job done.

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I don’t wanna hijack but it is related to the banner (and likely spookening), you have amy opinions on Cute Orangette? Like worth actively hunting while it’s up (with unlikely A-Chan…) or nah?

Sanzanf is very good. For reasons i wont tell her no level, but suffice to say that she is awesome

I still prefer Illya for ST NP damage but that NP charge sure is useful.


Illya is way better than Sanzang when it comes to nuking Assassin. Sanzang is faster to boot and easier to get rolling.
However, point Caster problem is that they are outgunned in their own niche by Alter-Ego and Berserker. At high end, there is no point picking Sanzang or even Illya if you have Sitonai or Melt.

I got spooked with my second ticket.

It was a Lancer though, so I already knew it wouldn’t be Darth Seibah.

On the positive side, Parvati is now part of my Chaldea.

I can’t speak about Sitonai (as she isn’t out yet) but Sanzang’s NP out damages Melt’s. And even if Melt did outdamage Sanzang, Sanzang’s ability to belt out two consecutive makes her the best anti-assassin servant.


Not quite, after her skill upgrade, even in vacuum, Melt outdamage Sanzang peak against Assassin, and with Skadi support Melt can consistently fire 3 consecutive NP while generating a ridiculous among of c.stars for her crit.

Again I can’t speak of changes to come but currently on NA Sanzang out damages melt:

Using this Sanzang does 69179 damage and melt does 60151 damage. The skill upgrade raises melts np damage from melt virus from 20% to 30%. That would raise melt to 65165 damage. Still short of Sanzang. So I don’t see how she can beat the lost monk.

As for Skadi she is still months away. But Merlin is out now and Sanzang has amazing compatibility with him.

You clan literally blow thru 2 hp bars in two turns with a Sanzang team.


Illya does more damage but Illya is basically just a big hammer and once she NPs she needs a lot of babysitting.

Sanzang has good damage, fantastic team support, and perfect Merlin synergy with that 80% battery. Plus, at NP2 she’ll outdamage Illya.

Materials aren’t even hard if you’re good on pages. Seeds drop like candy from events and horseshoes aren’t so commonly asked for that they’re a huge pain.

Tested some calculators and in both calculators Melt (after buff) will hit for around 1.2k more than Sanzang if they are alone and level 90 +1k.
It is a combination of Melt having attack, np damage and riding skill.
8% quick, 30% attack and 30% np damage.

Got distracted while comparing how they measure up as nukes and taken to the extreme well Sanzang will blow Melt out of the water when facing Assassins due to that 1.5 Alter-Ego damage modifier.
If it had been Berserker enemies then Sanzang wouldn’t have a chance.

Anyhow the calculations further below are pretty much useless outside of rare Raids so feel free to ignore them.

Teams and CEs plus assumptions.

Sanzang, Merlin(bond), Merlin(ox-demon king), Liz/Raikou lancer(ox-demon king)
Melt, Skadi, Skadi(bond), Wu Zetian(bond).
Level 10 Combat Uniform, level 100 BG.
1k Fou and max skills.
Neutral attributes.



Supports and level 100 BG

Sazang and Melt are level 100 and fou’d to 2k


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I don’t know how Gamepress got these numbers but they sound off to me for both.
I did the math for Melt at NP1 level 90 +1000 atk. And I’m already at 71047 without skill upgrade (~77000 post upgrade) on Assassin.
Anyway for NA, right now Sanzang has slightly better NP damage on Assassin than Melt but in longer run, she’ll be outpaced very soon.

Sorry for late answer, I had to check that CE again. Don’t bother to much with it. If you can get it while rolling for MHXA then good, but I would not recommend to roll just for the CE, it’s not worth it. The only CE that are really recommended to roll for are BG, Kscope and (on a lesser extend) Poster Girl.

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Just using their character sheets:

Quick damage formula:

Assuming 1k Fous

12,658(str) x 0.9 (class) x 2 (typeAdv) x 1.5 (buster) x 1.2 (skill1) x 9 (np mod)/4+125 (div)= 92,402

Melt (upgraded skill)
12692 (str) x 1 (class) x 1.5 (typeAdv) x 0.8 (Quick) x 1.3 (skill2) x 1.3 (upgraded skill 3) x 1.08 (riding) x 13 (np mod)/4+ 225= 90570

Did I miss anything?


I have a mlb cute orangette and I agree with Danakane that it isn’t worth pursuing.

For most situations starting gage np is better and when it’s a long fight where starting gage CEs lose their luster then you would rather use Black grail.

Where orangette is nice is for a dps who has good np gain as part of a stall/np spam team. I do love the CE and it’s art but I wouldn’t recommend rolling just for it.

That said it does have pure attack stats and the combo of np damage and np gain are nice. Just not good enough.

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This is wrong. Sanzang post interlude NP mod is 800% not 900%
For Melt the NP mod is 1200%. And the magic number is 0.23 not 0.25.

  • The actual formula applied on Melt is:
    12692 (str) x 1 (class) x 1.5 (typeAdv) x 0.8 (Quick) x 1.3 (skill2) x 1.3 (upgraded skill 3) x 1.08 (riding) x 12 (np mod) x 0.23 + 225= ~76949
  • For Sanzang:
    12,658(str) x 0.9 (class) x 2 (typeAdv) x 1.5 (buster) x 1.2 (skill1) x 8 (np mod) x 0.23+125 (div)= ~75587.

So Melt pull out ahead and this calculation doesn’t even reflect the fact that at high end, Melt can potentially shot her NP 3 times vs Sanzang 2 times at best + Melt has her 3rd skill last 2T vs Sanzang 1st only 1T + Melt will deal crit damage almost for sure, Sanzang no.

Caster (and Assassin) are generally fairly poor point servant. They really need to be outstanding in order to be competitive. Sanzang is easy to use and has low maintenance cost, but she’s far from outstanding as point servant.