Spooknights, but with a good end

Since ToW event i had desired this diamond hidden inside a mudball, but there has been…problems.

First banner? Let’s say that gatcha decided to give me a mass-destruction cat instead of Mudrock.

Second banner? (because i think that she alredy appeared before on a standard banner)

Anyway, i was saving for Dusk. So i skipped her.

This time? I used all the free currency i had saved up for her.

But obviously, since this game is called spooknights, gatcha decided to torture me before granting me the relief of getting the Operator i wanted since so many months ago.

First 6* → Hellagur. Wrong rate up Operator, but i still had some multi so… :sweat_smile:

Second 6* → Surtr spook. And now i was very, very low on multi / single pools.

On my very last 10x pull, after i was forced to use all my Yellow certs, i finally got her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In the end, since i got my Mudrock, my gamble was worth it. Or to say it better, Mudrock is worthy of the around 70-80 pulls i did to get her.

Anyway, i wanted to share with the community this goal that i finally reached after so much time.

Now, i only need Reed to finally come in the Cert. Shop.

Back to saving now, i need to save all i can in order to have a chance to grab the next Nian’s sister or brother.

I’m collecting Nian’s family, afterall.


I forgot Mudrock was coming back and I wasted all my pulls on the other banner. :sob:

I’m sorry about that. I have a reliable source for these kind of informations (you know who i’m referring to, if you are reading this post :slightly_smiling_face: ), but i think that if you follow Arknights twitter and Gamepress website, you could find in advance what events or banners we will get.
I really suggest you to do that. We of the EN Server are (more or less) blessed with the knowledge of what banner or event we are likely to get before we even get it in the in-game news.

Did you at least get a reliable 6* in the banner? In my opinion, rarely pulls are wasted in Arknights, each 6* you can get will fill a smaller or bigger niche. :slightly_smiling_face:

Even if Passenger might be an exception. I’ve not tryed him, so i cannot tell how strong he is, but i’ve heard rumors saying that he is considered one of the weakest high rarity casters, at least until he will get a buff (but is going to happen many months from now)

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Yeah I got Passenger and a surprise Chen.

I haven’t tried him out yet. But he does sound interesting.

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Sorry about Passenger, but Ch’en is a great addition to any party.

I mean, she is a great guard to use in maps, especially for new players. Her good DPS assure that she will easily deal with normal mobs.

She’s a bit squishy in my opinion, she needs a healer or she gets defeated after taking some damage.

And her skills are great.

I mean, her S2 is a great nuke useful to quickly kill both flying and ground units. I remember using her skill to quickly deal with the big Art Drones in Lungmen’s annihilation map.

Her S3 is even better. I mean, sure against some enemyes it might be less effective that her S2 because she no longer deals art damage.

But that skill animation is beautiful :slightly_smiling_face: and also, that skill has great normal damage + a stun at the end.

Pair Ch’en with Liskarm and in some situations you’ll see how great Ch’en will become :slightly_smiling_face:

you can always check Twitter especially JP and KR accounts for Banner announcement since their reset time is faster than Global

some great accounts to follow for info

they also post announcement for CN servers and new contents from there

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