Spring Breeze CBC 2020

I can’t make a connection between the common-ish Knightmare Frame and Uly’s horse-turned-mech. Would have to check out Code Geass’s other types again, can’t recall off the top of my head what the Lancelot model looked like again, e.g.

Thats good. The more servants i dont like, the easyer will be saving up Sqz

I’m probably gonna spoil a few details here but, according to how greek mythology works in the Nasuverse:


Each and every single greek god was once a huge frickin’ robot powered by some sort of divine nanomachines, given to them by none other than their creators, the Titans, before they decided to start interacting with humans and sealed the Titans.

Then, they took a humanoid form (Despite looking normal, Artemis still has some traces of her old self, namely, the huge ring on her back, which is actually an extension of her hair) in order to protect mankind

In the 5th Lostbelt (remember, it’s a completely different timeline), they remained in their robot forms and decided to spread their divine nanomachines everywhere, which is why Oddyseus/Ulysses looks like a gundam character

All greek heroes are also split into two categories: Those who look futuristic and hail from the LB timeline, like Europa and Oddyseus and those who are empowered by magical weapons or using their normal abilities like Atalanta, Jason or Herc, meaning they were born from a human and a humanoid Greek God


I hate it. :fgo_insane:

I’m certain they will add more “Human” heroes like Orion and Herc

Perseus when?

Perseus now! :fgo_buster:

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Just gonna say your gonna despise the Greek LB lol

Greek LB is basically

"What if the Greek God didn’t get yeeted by Big Altera and continued to develop/upgrading themselves, ultimately redefining the meaning of “godhood”.

hot take:

LB6 will be on Mars with spaceships and Death Stars

Isn’t lb6 supposed to be Camelot lol

That is a distinct possibility. :fgo_insane:

Camelot fortress ship from Space Marines/Warhammer :feh_thinkinglikelukas:


I’m surprised you didn’t say much about Europa at least I don’t remember you saying Much cause her np is just a giant mech as well

Space Battleship Camelot 2199

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I kinda want this now

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Camelot became unchecked and expanded to Mars. And Excaliber became an orbital space satellite laser cannon. Cause why not at this point. :fgo_shock:



At least LB5 has meme value

LB6 is gonna be about how Camelot pulled a Brexit a millenium too early

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That’s ■■■■■■ up