Spring Breeze CBC 2020

In addition it is important to recognize that Kiara has an anti-cavalry + anti ruler niche which puts her further ahead of Odysseus. Kiara faces a lot less competition in her niche vis a vis Oddy.

Oddy’s biggest issue as L11 already pointed out is just the fact the AoE riders is already packed with powerful servants like Ivan, Achilles and Lolivinci. He’s clearly bottom tier for AoE riders as far as the datamine is concerned.

I literally just came up with this skill on my Perseus Servant design last week.

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Just a couple things to add

  1. seems to be a general theme of DW to add certain card-types to classes that lacked them before, see e.g. quick for Archers/Sabers. Arts-section for riders getting another addition is a thing I look forward to, particularly since there are a couple in-class tools in current JP specifically geared towards it (Boudica, Mandricardo, Sakamoto as F2P-options, Reines as premium support)
  2. other than his skills, it’d be good to know what not only his NP-gain ends up being, but also how well he can generate stars on his own when needed. There are external tools for this, of course, e.g. Mozart-delivery, H.C. Andersen’s 3rd skill and/or Fragment of ‘30 CE and such. He does lack in-kit crit damage buff - yet, for that there’s other tools too: Andersen has been mentioned, el-Melloi and Merlin of course, plus his magnet is a good way to work around even Boudica’s and Reines’ Rider star-weight for situations where Casters would be too squishy.

Irregardless of all that, since I don’t prioritize gaempIay, what I want to see more of is his in-game art, the ascensions’ looks, listen to the VO, etc. The somewhat low-resolution, small profile picture of him looks appealing enough, a well-pronounced Greek NP would pretty much sell me on him already.

his np is the torjan horse so
cant butcher that probably?

dat was riginally just him unmasked and ofc theyre using that as an ascension <.<
vo i pray its a bishie va, especially one of the older ones

I care nothing about gameplay features of him.
He could be trash, he could be awesome.

Point is: i have loved Epic since i was a child, i have read countless times the Iliad and Odyssey.

Nothing more to say.

Odysseus simply is already in my Chaldea. There is no different outcome out of that far future banner

Odysseus confirmed also holy shit that NP.



Also, Gundam vibes intensify :D



Look at this concrete revolutio ass looking np
Also yea I was right no Greek for you

Ody is

Gayass broken

Tfw it’s not invul Pierce or def ignore
It’s just buff removal before damage

Well guess that’s why he’s garbage in damage and arts

I hear a distinct “Troia” (Troia Reboot, is it?) - good enough.

Also VO got good pitch, throwback 80s Power Metal looks + classic Mecha get-up. Yeah, looking forward to the good man coming over to NA.

I get that it’s related with the LB story but i’m really not a fan of this thing with Greek servants.

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Not a lb exclusive thing
Europa had a mech and she’s pan human
That’s actual nasuverse lore
Mechas were a thing

Probably torjan horse in JP
Or some shit

My first reaction was: “Wait. If Odysseus had a Gundam, then why did it take the greeks 10 years to take Troy?”
Also what I heard was Troia Ippos, which is literally Trojan Horse in greek.

This Ody is from LB, but he took Panhuman Ody memories

das basically the most likely explination
lb ody finally accessing the torjan war and saw the torjan horse
and thought

i could do better pffftt
good shit

mecha boats

ngl i wish his np was this instead

the initial horse does look like this
but it should have stayed as that instead of changing to eva 0-1


Troya Ipos: Great Wooden Horse of Demise
Raises own Noble Phantasm damage for one turn (increases with Overcharge) and removes every enemy defensive buffs before dealing damage

guess t is greek

this amakusa dank ass np

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First Artemides in FGO is a Bimbo air head

Now Odysseus Troian horse is a mecha robot…

Words fail me to express how disappointed i am with DW.

Never roll for him, never.

Hektor’s rocket-propelled spears and Paris’ explosive crossbow-gun thingamajog, that’s how. :point_up:

I mean, most any Greek entry to FGO got the japan-izing beam treatment in terms of whack armament and looks. Most of them invoke tasty Greek for their NP, at least. We can hope that Leonidas will get a proper reanimation done that better reflects his NP’s description of calling upon his men to form a shield-wall - Soon™ thanks to Babylonia animu, I’d hope.