Spring Pickup Strengthening Quests (JP)

Hokusai 3rd Skill:

Burst of crit stars (5-15 stars)
Arts Card star weight up buff for 3 turns to self (300-500%)

Chiyome NP:

NP damage strengthened
Curse amplifier debuff for 3 turns to enemy (200% damage up)



I do wish they’d picked someone else who needed it more than Hokusai but at least it has good synergy with her existing kit and helps give her a little more individual identity in a crowded field of Arts loopers.

And I’m glad to see Chiyome get love, but. Yeah. I’m now more determined than ever to run some kind of Curse-stacking gimmick build, seeing as now she gives an Arts bent to get Waver’s NP involved. It’s not going to be good, but I am going to have a fun time.


Hokusai’s buff is arguably unneeded but it improves her performance outside of min-turn comps. Someone with her at NP1 will appreciate this.

Chiyome’s NP being buffed is great. Really not sure how she stacks up against her competition now but my Chiyome at NP5 with supports does reasonably well as she stands currently in terms of damage and looping. I imagine Shiki will still do more, but Chiyome loops better (certainly pre-Castoria, post-Castoria perhaps this is a moot point?).

It’s also my understanding that the curse amplifier stacks, so can actually add up to an okay-ish amount of damage.

2 of my favourites just got buffed, I’m pretty pleased.


I got baited and threw 60SQ on that banner :sob:

me too but it 90SQ

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As long as Hokusai also gets an np strengthening to help her kinda trash neutral non-human-trait damage, I’m fine with her getting this admittedly quite useful but not actually damage improving star manipulation skill upgrade.

This honestly is just a buff to her consistency on facecard refund, which is mostly a challenge quest thing anyway.

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My NP 5 Chiyome appreciates this greatly

Just keep buffing Arts, DW.


Chiohime will be able to easily three turn loop, tnx Casoria and her own battery, with pure np. So this alone will make her better then her competition.

Hokusai… Well it’s kind of a buff? I suppose this will simply solidify that caster gil is her best buddy.


Poor ol’ me is very happy yes.

That aside, one of Hoku’s main selling points that keeps her so good is her absolutely synergistic kit, it just works so well in tandem. This just makes it even better.

Summer BB has been long touted as a good partner to run alongside her, with this buff I imagine this has only become an even more formidable combo. Ofc double Castoria is gonna be the main thing, but I like running non-brain dead teams too, so, it’s a particularly good buff for me.


Yes, hoku buff!!!
Pretty good buff for best girl :fgo_hokusaiwink:

Also, we finally got a chiyohime buff. About 2 years after shiki, after every single arts assassin got an np buff for some ungodly reason, they saved her for last. I wish they did it sooner, ig :confused:


Chiyome’s damage improves by quite a bit and so does her overall performance.

While an NP1 Shiki will still beat an NP1 Chiyo in Burst, Chiyome’s Arts buff being 3 turns means her damage doesn’t fall off.

Shiki is still overall better (no surprise) but she isn’t straight up sad anymore.

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Shiki before used to outdamage chiyo without any skill activation’s on shiki’s part. Meaning no mana burst shiki beat out a normal chiyo. It was awful :frowning:


Well, that is still the case if Shiki is NP5 and Chiyome is NP1 but with more levels she actually competes with Shiki rather than being a bad joke that is more mean spirited than funny.


How well does Chiyo work with Van Gough or Doman?

She works well. Not spectacularly like hoku post buff, but it works.

She would work will with any of those

It was hilarious!

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Wish Chiyome also had Curse added to her NP so that she wasn’t stuck to using her face cards to applying Curse. In an ideal situation, Chiyome would have to solo to really make the most of Curse.

Also found this video with Chiyome in a Curse team with Chiyome soloing in the end.

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There are certainly a lot of servants who could have used a buff instead, but whatever I guess.