SQ compensation


Hello guys. Recently I have tried to roll for Okita Alter but unfortunately I failed to get her. So I tried to hold back myself from rolling any further as my target Servant for this year were Berserker Musashi, Space Ishtar and Super Orion. So I tried to make some calculation for these three Servants for me to save a lot of SQ for them but I was left wondering, what kind of events that we will get for the SQ compensation aka Apologems from the maintenance? Below were list of compensation of any event maintenance that I managed that I think I figured out so far:

  • Campaign Events
  • Limited-time Event
  • Anniversary Event
  • DL Campaign Event .

Is there any more that I may miss out, please fill me up. Thank you.

We didn’t have any maintenance for the more recent DL campaign, but that didn’t really add anything new apart from the missions, so it might be different if they have servant changes.

I haven’t paid that much attention now that I think about it.

I’ve already done some basic math on this subject and per month it usually works out to:

30 for Master missions and login bonus
8 for maintenance
20 for events
15 tickets from logins, shop, & events

This is me averaging from a year of playing so some months will pay out better and some worse. However this does not account for any Interludes/Rank-Ups Quests/Free Quests and their associated 10 bonus at intervals of 10, that you have not completed or SQ from bond points.

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Didn’t somebody already make a comprehensive spreadsheet with all of this to plan for lottos and big banners? I think I saw it around New Year’s.

I think the spreadsheet you think of is here, but it does not provide SQ compensation for stuff like maintenance, just full breakdown of event rewards.

I think that OPs list is comprehensive, or close to comprehensive for the kinds of events that give maintenance compensations. The issue is that counting SQ down to individual event compensation becomes exceptional difficult, since maintenance SQ is often different between JP and EN servers, then we end up with random bonuses to make up the difference. I think it might be easier to find (no idea where, but it should be somewhere) total amount of maintenance compensation given on JP for 2019 and use that in your calculations.

I’d also take a good look at bond farming - if there’s an event that doesn’t have much you need in the shop or other natural dead weeks like there were on JP, set up shop somewhere with good bond rates (I think the Hidden Village in Camelot is still the best node, but I stand to be proven wrong on that) and just get as much bond as you can. That’s gonna be a lot more reliable than hoping for maintenance quartz.

90 SQ here I come