SR ticket choice

Hi everyone, I’m looking for some help with the upcoming SR ticket. Here is my roster of servants, I think that I need a lancer or rider, but i can’t really decide, if it is lancer i think it would be Parvati, Valkyries or Altria Pendragon (Alter), and if it is rider maybe Astolfo. What do you thing? Do you have any suggestion?


Surely this isn’t your entire roster? You don’t have anything else that’s low rarity?

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I’d probably lean towards Lancers - farming nodes with lots of Archers can be tricky since their NP bars are so short, so a good farming Lancer has more value than a farming Rider imo (the flip side being Riders can help farm QP dailies but those are easy enough to face card through while your roster is still growing).

As far as which Lancer, I’m inclined to suggest Artoria Alter. She’s a little easier to enable - Valk and Parvati will outdo her when they’re operating at their best but without a local Skadi you’re gonna struggle to get them working at their best.

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Yes, I have more servants, but they are only 3* or less and I don’t use them, those are the only ones I use.

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Have you consider Helena ?


Not really.

First I’d probably say you should invest in other lower rarity servants. Like Hans for crit teams, or Paracelsus for Arts. You should really invest in a 3* lancer like Cu.

As for what servant you should choose I’d say Altria Pendragon Lancer Alter. She has great crit and NP damage even at NP1. Wherea Parvati and Valkryie trade pure NP damage for the ability to (sort of) loop NP. As for 4* Rider, Idk tbh.


You could consider her, she have a 20% battery, 20% rainbow buff for the team for 3 turns, she can gen stars, she is a pretty useful support servant, her mats aren’t hard to get


Honestly I’d second this, before I got Waver, Helena was a regular in alot of my teams that didn’t have to fight riders. But if OP doesn’t want Helena than so be it. But yeah she’s really good too.


Ok, I will consider her.


I would recommend Helena and Lancer Artoria Lancer
Your roster have many buster servant, so don’t forget to raise Shakespeare and arash if you can to help in farming
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Just echoing the point that lower rarities should not be benched.

Not all of them are amazing, but some high-end event teams, such as the recent Jarcher 6-slot comp, are impossible with just gold Servants. That particular comp can’t be replicated without Paracelsus until Nero Bride’s strengthening next summer.


Helena will open a lot of farming options for you

Nitocris is NEVER a bad pick

Parvati and Valks are also excellent picks. Parvati can farm even without a native Skadi. I used her a lot in JP.


I’m telling you right now I’ve gotten an infinite amount more use from plenty of 3 star and lower servants than I’ve gotten from Irisviel.

For you in particular I think you should go with CasGil, Helena, Nitocris, or Parvati.


I dislike low rarities too, I love Parvati. If you want a 4 star that does not feel trash at low investment, you cannot go wrong with her.

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I’ll probably just be an echo, but I’ll be putting my tokens on Helena too. She’s someone that’ll support most comps especially for newer and smaller rosters such as yours.

As for lower rarities, its advisable to utilize them in this game. There’s a bunch of them that competently fill the holes in your current roster. Give some of them a look and you might even be able to narrow down your needs.


No AOE Archers yet Arash not used :fgo_grampsnani:


As almost eveyrone said, you should firstly use more 3µ or less servant, everyone use them even whale or confirmed player because they are damn good and useful.

Now, for the current question, you shoud just pick Helana because she xill give you a way easier time to farm. futhermore, she hit quite hard with her NP which mean that she can even be used in advanced team comp.


I need some advice for SR assassin plz

If you have Shiki you are fine, if you lack of a Shiki depends, you want a servant that can loop but his NP hit like a wheat noodle or you want a servant with a NP that hit “hard” but is pretty hard to charge his NP and can’t loop untill the Castoria era