SR ticket help?

First of all sorry it’s going to be another thread of which SR to pick. So to make it easier for you guys, I’ll just put which servant I prefer and why, also my question about them.

Pro: My top tier waifu
Con: I don’t think I can spend on Skadi this year and farming wise Santa lily will be more effective (both are still my waifu tough)
Question: So no Skadi loop and NP1, Is she still that good? Please tell me your opinion.

Nito >NP2
Pro: NP2 is better than NP1
Con: Still low dmg T.T
Qeustion: Isn’t it her ins. death matter most? Is her ins death work all the time for clearing 1st wave? And is she capable to clear 2nd wave with ins death?

Helena >NP2
Pro: Waifu and can supporter + charge aoe while dealing wave clearing. At NP2 she can deal more NP dmg than my NP3 CasGil…
Con: …only works if the NP buff succeed, which forced me to bring Ozy all the time. In wave clearing, my grailed Spartacus deal more consistent vs any class. In supporting, I just 10/10/10 my waver, still at bond5. My helena is already max bond sadly.
Question: should I just wait for her 2nd copy one day come to me naturally?

Medea Lily
Pro: I’d love to have that instant NP for aoe healing + aoe clearance. And I like her funny interludes.
Con: she only know clearance + healing, even limited target for her skills. I hope she have some kind of NP escape like Iri aoe guts.
Question: Do I need her for clearnce + healing only? I do have Nightingale but she need more time to achieve NP.

Pro: Aoe clearance, good debuff, quick NP access which has unique stun effect.
Con: low dmg even for NP, lower np gain than Medea
Question: I read her pig stun only work on certain enemy. What kind of enemy is it?

Pro: good investation for skadi system…
con: …if I get one skadi at least. Otherwise, he was outclassed by my grailed Spartacus --".
question: I heard Dantes is better than him for Skadi system. Is that right?

Lancer Alter Pendagron
pro: dang, her np is good. Her np1 is only less a bit of NP5 Santa Lily.
con: no NP charge T.T
question: Do I still need her when I have the most cute loli in the franchise?

Pro: unique tanker
Question: Do I still need him/her if I have those Poster Girl CEs one day? And is he/she worth to pick for upcoming Setsubun when I don’t have too many option for tanker?

Pro: He provides burst dmg and atk down which my Saberlot doesn’t has. Also evade + 100% debuff resist make him better choice for CQ.
Con: I think he is strong but lack consistency. For art crit I prefer saberlot, for burst dmg NP5 Bedi has more potential.
Question: Is he really high priority for any upcoming CQ?

Pro: Hayamin!! Also nice NP animation upgrade. Great Quick buff and star generator.
Con: Same case as Parvati.
Question: Same as Parvati.

Pro: Strong, versatile, ignore defense NP
Con: Have to wait for NP upgrade, and Santa Altera and Gil works pretty well already.
Question: Do I need him? I mean, is he that high priority even with my current Archer pack?

Pro: nice utility, especially NP ignore evade and defense. Plus he has NP escape for everyone. Good crit and np gen.
Con: lower dmg compare to other archer I guess.
Question: Same as demiya

Pro: Overall strong and burn niche is looks promising in the future.
Con: she has to compete with my Gil…
Question: same as demiya

Pro: Decent support and utility
Con: Burst dmg wise, my Grailed Lu Bu is better. She has rogue time to compete as berserker, even I never raise Heracles for a long time --"
Question: No need for her now right? Or is her utility & support is that useful?

And the rest are servant I already has and can increase their NP lvl
NP3>NP4: Casgil
NP2>NP3: Sheba, Saberlot, Carmilla
NP1>NP2: Penthy, Rama, Nero, Astolfo, Doggo, Heracles, Nito

well please tell me if there are other servant I need to consider.

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