SR ticket suggestions

Hello. So, the SR ticket is approaching now that October is ending and I really don’t know what servant would be the best to pick, or uf it would be best just to level the NP of a servant I already own, so, I will leave photos of my roster here, any suggestion or tip is appreciated.

I don’t know if I should mark spoilers, and even if i should I don’t know how to, so be advised.

Use it for np level. There’s no new np1 SR that would benefit you.

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This. Your roster has a good selection of Servants from all classes and roles.
A new support option like S.I.N.'s Lanling would certainly be nice, even at NP1 but…as you can see he’s not an option, most likely since this happens right after LostBelt 3 Banner.
Therefore, the best option would be to use this opportunity to STRENGTHEN an SR Servant you already own.
If I may add, I would emphasize those that are Story-Locked. Those are harder to come by unless you regularly roll Story Banner or you already rolled when many of them were on some limited rate-up.

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I am a simple man, I see this question, I suggest Nero.

I’ll try to np upgrade Valkyrie for the upcoming christmas lotto since you don’t have a Skadi on your own.

Anyway, you have a grailed Okita and that’s the only thing that matter.

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Considering you seem to have quite a bunch of options already, you fall in the case where you can pick the one you fancy. It is entirely up to you whether that means NP2+ing your favourite SR DPS or picking up a new character, ideally a story-locked one like Danzo/MedeaLily/Gorgon/…

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Idk why but the way you made this thread and posted this felt reallylazy, so I didn’t bother looking at each of your screenshots…

Maybe I shouldn’t even bother posting this if I won’t have anything better to say, but yep, I did anyway lol

NP up for story locked servant you really like > new story locked servant > new non story locked servant

Since you’ve got most roles covered already, i’ll suggest story locked servants for their unaccessibility. This is just one of those few chances where you can get one with little hassle.

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Oh, boy! Another one of these threads!

For future reference, please feel free to ask questions in our ‼ General Support Thread - Ask Here First! (All Players Welcome). You’ll probably get quicker/more informative answers there.

Anyway… You have 111 Servants, 15 of which are SSRs. Beyond that, you basically have all roles we generally look at for these questions covered already.

Many people (such as @The_Cheeseman) would call the free SR ticket a “Nero NP upgrade” ticket, because Nero is definitely a strong gameplay and “waifu” pick.

I’m personally not that big of a Nero fan, but I must admit she’s usually a good pick. However, you already have one of her biggest competitions in the form of a grailed Heracles. I’m assuming Heracles is Bond 10 and likely 9/9/9 skills if not 10/10/10. If so, as an anchor, Heracles definitely has Nero beat. But, there are other considerations.

Personally, from a character viewpoint, I would suggest Salter, just because she’s awesome, kicks ass in Shinjuku, and has a great costume that we’ll be getting in a little over a year.
And she’s an alter. (I’m kind of a sucker for Alters. :laughing:)

:thinking: …Hm… That makes me wonder what Nero Alter would be like…


(Psst! Your link is to a random post in the thread rather than the OP that I think you intended)

Thanks, should be fixed now.

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I basically gave up on redirecting people to the general support thread for SR ticket questions after I made a post redirecting someone to it who made a thread and then that thread went on for almost 200 posts. :fgo_bblaugh:

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I think I’ll go with that option. Thx for the advice

I’m pretty confident we’ll see Nero Alter one day. Probably as a major boss, actually. There are rumors she may be one of the Beasts.


Oh I didn’t know about the help thread, im still pretty new to the site but thanks for telling me.
Well youd be right about hercs skill levels, but im still trying to get him to bond 10 since i got him like one or two months ago.
I’ve been thinking too on picking a story locked servant, specially yagyu because I wanted him since I started playing last november but with NP3 Lancelot I think its not the best play. And about Nero, she certainly would be useful, but I REALLY don’t like her personality wise so I could ene up picking her and not using her just based on that fact.
Aside from that salter is a really strong contender i thought about based on all things you said, guess il just have to keep thinking about it a little more.
Thanks for the info.

It’s worth mentioning that both Nero and Salter get batteries, but Nero’s is in the near future while Salter’s isn’t until the same time we get her costume.
Nero will also be getting another costume besides the gym uniform one in a couple of years, and people are going nuts over it.
Like I said, I’m not a Nero fan, but I try to stay objective about these things. I’m probably fortunate that my first encounter with Nero was in Fate/Extra, which was her first appearance, and she was actually serious in it, if a little comical.

Oh, and @The_Cheeseman, just in case you do read this thread, I’m going to reiterate this: My OG Nero is NP2 and lvl 80 while Umu-Caster is lvl 90 and also NP2, not to mention the strongest offensive Caster I have.
Even if I don’t love her, you can’t kill me for not giving the Emperor the proper respect!


If you only experienced Nero via FGO, I can understand not liking her. She isn’t written terribly well, for the most part. But she is amazing in Fate/Extella. What makes Nero so great in my eyes is her indomitable optimism. She may believe she’s the best, but not only can she legitimately back up her boasting in most situations, she uses herself as an example to inspire others, not to demean or dominate them. She genuinely cares about people reaching their limits and achieving their goals, and does her best to help them do so.

Nero respects her opponents, even ones she disagrees with, and tries to turn them into allies, not merely defeat them. She is honest and empathetic, telling you exactly what she wants and how she feels, while also trusting you to do the same. You always know where you stand with Nero, and she is happy to forgive unintended slights and let you know when you’re hurting her feelings.

Mostly, I just appreciate Nero’s candor and agency. So much Japanese media portrays women as blushing, fragile, emotionally volatile lilies waiting to be picked. Nero is the opposite of that—she’s going to invite you into her naked hot tub so she can have her way with you (until Tamamo shows up to ruin her plan).

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Yeah, Nero was actually pretty good in Extella. You have to be impressed with someone who’s able to make a compelling and convincing argument by being completely and undeniably narcissistic.
And in Extra, throughout the story, she shows that she actually does consider consequences at times, and when she still decides on a course of action with potentially severe consequences, she does so with everything she has.
I really miss Nero acting like that…

Looks at the women in Fate, many of whom would be perfectly willing to knock out their crush and run away with them.
I… don’t think this franchise has that problem…


Tange-san’s portrayal of Macula Marius is what I imagine Mother Harlot could sound like. The low, menacing voice fits with my expectation, anyway.

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Yeah I haven’t played nay of the games from the extra verse, and I want to because from what I have heard DW did Nero dirty in terms of writting in septem, so maybe playing those games may make me warm up to her, I don’t want to dislike her but she was insugferable for me in Septem. I’ll try to play Extra Record when it comes out to see how that goes and then I’ll try to find a way to play CCC and extella too.

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