SR Ticket using Calculator

Hi I actually replied to the Main SR thread but thought I might as well create a new thread as well since I’m hoping the calculator I modified/created ends up popular so I thought it might be good to have it on Post One.

The purpose is to use the calculator to show others your current lineup and then discuss who you’ll be wanting to take with the SR ticket.


Like for me personally my priority number 1 is to get Lancelot to NP2 for easier Skadi Looping as I’ve even used it during the Taiga CQ after multiple different attempts.

Priority 2 is Gorgon just so that I can finally have an Avenger of my own, I honestly considered rolling the Extra GSSR just so I could be guaranteed Salieri, but went with Lancer GSSR since I was still missing one of my own.

Priority 3 is Herc as I’d love him to be NP5 solely out of Love and a Desire to get a Perfect LV100 10/10/10 Gold Fou Herc.

I really want to get a Parvati to NP2.

While Zerkerlot is a more universal Skadi farmer, Parvati is a better servant overall and one of the ways to compensate her horrible Attack, outside of Grailing or level 100 CEs, is higher NP levels.

I really wouldn’t have suffered as much against Jaguar Country if Parvati was NP2 or above, since that way she would have power to break Jeanne’s bar without cards and i would be free to attack Taiga instead.

My only other pick would be Danzou, because i like her, but i’m going for her banner on the next Interlude campaign anyway so i prefer Parvati for the ticket.


Making the visual was fun; reinforces what I expected my choices to be.

Will probably go with NP3 Circe. I don’t even use Valkyrie, and I don’t want Diarmuid.


A part of me wants chiyome just to “collect them all” but I’m going for another Parvati.


Pretty sure I’m going for Edison, just because he’s fun in stall. Second place is currently (for the 3rd time in a row) Tristan. I keep on finding servants that I want a little more than Tristan, and it’s really annoying.

I used my first ticket on Martha because it was right after NeroFest 2, and there were a couple of quests where I thought her buff/debuff removal would be really useful. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used her though. Don’t waste your ticket on Martha people.


There’s a extra class banner (not GSSR) in june I think that should guarantee you a Salieri

Anyway here’s mine

Most of the servants I don’t have aren’t high enough priority to really want to pick them, except maaaybe Danzo.

Battle between np2 Parvati (can’t dss btw), np2 Helena (but almost bond 10), or to np2 one of my various storylocked servants

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What about NP2 d’Eon?

It is a nice overview, far better than the old crossing over portraits in Paint.

Well my choice hasn’t changed.
I’m going to pick Nyalter this time and leave Edison for the alt account.

I haven’t used her much in a long time, a shame there isn’t much demand for her niche due to the pesky unremovable tag.
She was extremely useful during the Solomon raids 2 years ago but the last time I fielded her was for the final LB2 battle and that was just for soloing.
I’m actually not sure if I used her outside of Nerofest in that period…
Her new animations are however brilliant.

For more def down on stalling? I don’t need Deon that often and even when I do np doesn’t usually get charged in time to use… Besides, general pool…

But d’Eon’s NP is so good…

Yeah, the unremovable tag just entirely kills her. It’s an annoying case of them trying to remove ways to cheese mechanics, except that was her entire purpose. I kind of wish that permanent buffs/debuffs were temporarily disabled by removal instead of just completely unaffected.


Is it?

10% attack and defense down for 3 turns and a 30% chance to charms is really mediocre. Edison can at least overcharge himself for up to 30% attack down but that isn’t even an option for d’Eon since her overcharge is the charm chance.

Also, having Taunt and Heal on the same skill is really contradictory. The biggest advantage she has over George is really just the Evade and health pool.

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I was joking. d’Eon has arguably the single worst NP in the entire game.

Honestly, it’s hard to know online.

To this day i don’t know if Valeth was serious or not when he said Consort Yu was good because he used her with Double Merlin and her crit damage was great there.

@RamenKing has a great work around for deon’s 3rd skill: lvl100 poster girl. Start with evade and the def down skill, and by the time PG wears off, using s3 gives you a needed heal and more taunts.


Thanks for sharing this tool, OP!

I think that has a nice old schoolness to it and reminds me of my old job that requires me to cross people out on lists :fgo_buster:


Was that a HR job or something more omnious?

I’m a bit partial to Excel spreadsheats myself, but this ticket was an easy choice.
New Servant>NP upgrade

Well i’m going for Lalter anyway, i wanted to get her at some point and she don’t have a banner on the next two years so i have to choose her

No problem, it was fun making it and hosting it on Github. Fun way to kill an hour and taught me some things.

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