SS 3 might be overkill on my mia right?

Was debating between mia,Neasala and nino who wants SS 3.

I might just hold off on it till I’m certain rather then to impulse fodder (my problem with ayra :sweat_smile:).


I guess Naesala would want it more as his weapon grants him bonus damage based on the difference between his speed and his opponent’s.

It would probably be overkill on Nino and Mia as they’re extremely fast and hit really hard already.

Naesala bc I know how disgusting SS3 will b on Flier Nino :stuck_out_tongue:

But ye, Mia would do perfectly fine for that as well.

Need that SS 3 for my Katarina,even if I want that Laegjarn

I need it for Flier Ninoooo

Also @LuteTheGod I spotted a bootleg

Yes I am aware…
The secret Lute cult!

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I approve of the Lute cult but I don’t approve of the @LuteTheGod bootlegs

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Same, big oof

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Why I’m being called “bootleg”?

Ain’t a bootleg,you moron

Ur picture is the same as @LuteTheGod except that its zoomed out.

If that’s not a bootleg, I don’t know what is