SSR Lancer Choice

Who to save for, don’t have one. Though with my rolling habits doubt I’d be able to save practically, and would anyways attemp a little on everybody’s banner. Regardless, curious about community choice, with possible reasons. The rate ups dates are in order I think Tamamo (Summer), Brynhild (NeroFest), Eresh (December), Scathach(?).
Personal choice is Scathach for both gameplay waifu reasons, than Eresh for waifu reasons, don’t care much about the other 2.
Would especially welcome gameplay comparison discussion on Eresh.

  • Brynhild
  • Ereshkigal
  • Scáthach
  • Tamamo

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imo: scathach for gameplay, eresh for love


scathach all the way ,scathach everyday


I vote for Scathach & Eresh.
Eresh having a really good waifu backstory (thx babylonia)
But sadly, her skill mats are …

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You just can’t say no to Shishou and Rin face :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


since jalter comes in january i had to make a choice ,shishou+jalter it is

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Don’t care about Rin face, but Ereshkigal is the cutest Goddess. (both sentences do contradict each other, still :sweat_smile:)

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Whale hard :smiling_imp:


that’s the plan 2 out of my 3 top waifus in just 1 month , i gotta get ready
as i pray
unlimited budget works

Eresh : cute Goddess, Rin face, nice animation, her voice ( Ueda Kana), her story in Babylonia

Scathach : for gameplay,like her in other game ( extella link), Badass shishou

the cutest Goddess

Ereshkigal be like :



Tamashark a bit hard to use because of her third skill. But when command code introduced third skill debuff is no longer a problem.

Scathach as usual boss killer + quick nuker.

Brinhilde also not a bad ST lancer. Just lack on hard survival

Eresh… With all ST why is AOE here? Well she can support, she has Tohsaka face. Although I heard she will need at least NP2 for her NP to deal good damage.

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Several goddess disagree… A 3 star male killer archer goddess and her older sister 4 star male charmer asssassin :fgo_buster:

Thats what i mean from my reply
Check it again

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Of that quartet? Blondie warden of Kur, Ereshkigal. As much as I’d like to vote for underdog Brynhild, her design just doesn’t quite…do it for me. Valkyrie-trio yet-to-come is definitely better as far as Norse shield-maidens are concerned.

Why are you even doing a poll if you’re already partial to Sca’ both design and gameplay-wise, tho’?

Bryn would be my choice, but you don’t even care about her, so why bother.

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True I guess the poll is kinda meaningless, created one just for the sake of it. Her banner is next year, while Bryn’s would be in like 2-3 month only. Before was indeed thinking of choosing her instead of scathach due to hearing she has more damage after interludes. Though bit recently I found my interests shifting alot for non-gameplay reasons.

Didn’t even realize the AOE part xD, result of not researching her specifically. As I’ve been hearing about people saving for her, and some details of her some other lancer choice discussion post, put her without noting that.
Also the fact that finding Scathach in friend list is pretty easy, so borrowing her for special fights is not an issue.

tbh, I’m fairly positive most everyone saving for her is doing so for her character. not her kit