SSR rider banner

I’ve been playing the game for around 600 plus days now. I’ve saved and rolled on both the Summer 2 banner and the recent babylonia banner and no rider really wants to come to me! :cry::cry::cry:I’ve reached the point where in I’m desperate enough for any SSR rider to come. I’m going to roll for the upcoming GSSR but knowing my luck i’ll probably get a non rider servant again.

Probably better to wait for the next class banner event if you want a Rider SSR specifically. The next one should be in March 2020.

Uhh… Summer GSSR next year is divided into single classes. You honestly cannot miss that at least…

So does this mean 3? New Years, Class-based and Summer?

Yes. One free, and two paid.

It’s important to note that besides letting you choose class, the summer GSSR is the first time the paid quartz is cut in half (15). So that’s probably the best opportunity if you’re willing to pay. New Year GSSR is more costly and less accurate.

The class summon banner in March is more accurate and free, although it’s the usual gacha rates.

I’m in the same boat, except for the desperation rolls. My gatcha riders are meh 4*s, but the welfare riders are fantastic! Santa Salter, rider rin, and kintoki make me forget about not having ozy or drake and the like. Never had a problem with casters with them around. Sure I’ll be ecstatic to get one, but in the meantime I don’t have trouble gameplay wise.

So usual gacha hell for March? Doesn’t sound so much guaranteed then. Or are you just talking about the usual cost for GSSR.

I’m rolling SSR rider should i still not have any SSR rider by the time anniv 3 arrives. Hopefully i luck out in new year gssr or the class banner.

The welfare riders are great but having that hole hurts my pride as a master. First maid and now quetz.

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It’s not guaranteed SSR in March. It’s just class specific banners, you can roll your free quartz specifically to try to get a Rider.