SSRs you’ve burnt and why?

Hello and good day to you all! I’m fairly nooby; I did do a search but I apologise if there are similar topics I didn’t find before posting!

SSRs you’ve burnt and why? I know there are threads devoted to “don’t burn SSRs!” but this is a thread for when you’ve actually gone ahead and done the deed. I’ve burnt three in my FGO lifetime. Mordred when I was a noob, had a thing against the guy-actually-not-really characters, didn’t quite realise how rare SSRs were in FGO and didn’t realise how great she was in the London singularity (a regret, basically). Secondly, my GSSR summon, Da Vinci. Apologies to fans of hers but her voice drives me bananas and I like playing the game with sound, so this burn was a happy one. Third was Caster of the Nightless City, who I burnt due to the abysmal tier rating. Not a regret per se, but she came back and she’s unburnt this time because I’ve since realised that FGO rewards servant diversity for events etc.

Who have you burnt? I can’t be the only one :sweat_smile:

Mordred. Do not like the character. Zero regrets. I have other SSR saber options.



  • I hate how they shafted a badass such as Artemis for such a terrible trope
  • I hate how they shafted the real Orion and the flimsy excuse they used to “justify” her appearance in his place
  • I hate her design
  • Spooked me on all of her appearances

I haven’t disliked any other Servant to the extent that I’d consider burning them. Lostbelt Artemis is leagues better and I’m glad that actual Orion got his proper due


Arjuna, twice. I have Ishtar, Gil. And NP5 Emiya so you can’t tell me he will do any better than they will for farming. He’s actually been summoned three times, but after the most recent one I kept a copy just in case he’s a bonus servant for an event or singularity, and I no longer have any pressing need for rare prisms. Still at level 1 though :sweat_smile:

Worst thing is he came home twice from my incredibly seldom story banner summons, and I was super pissed he wasn’t a Tesla or Cu Alter…


Mordred was my first SSR. She’s not very good, not even when fully upgraded.

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I burnt my orion as well because she spooked me on nero bride banner which was right after her rateup banner. I was sooo triggered.

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I’ve only burnt NP6+ SSR copies, but Scheherazade was a near thing at NP1 when I got her for my very first GSSR while hoping for Merlin or Waver.

I actually like her a bit better now due to her unique portrayal and her being low key hilarious during the summer racing event. She had a great Interlude, too. Still not a fan of her exaggerated design, but better to appreciate her if possible since she keeps spooking.


The only SSR I burned was Arjuna cause I was suffering in the Gilfest EQs and I needed a taunt CE. I honestly still feel pretty bad about it. But I have an Ishtar and NP5 Emiya so I didn’t really NEED another Buster AOE Archer


I’ll let you know when I get np6+ of anyone


In theory I’d say I’m against the principle. I even keep Shez.
And I do not like Shez.

Buuuuut if I ever grab Jack, that might be the first SSR I burn. Unless I know JP has a better costume at that point


What’s wrong with Jack’s cloak costume?

You don’t have to use Jack’s 3rd ascension.

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True, I would probably end up doing that.
I was just streching to think of any

Still don’t like it too much, but it’s better.


This thread gives me the chills… :fgo_davincishook:

Difficult to grasp why would anyone burn a SSR if not NP6+ or by accident.


Skadi’s sixth copy.
The only SSR whose first copy will instantly burn keeps avoiding me :fgo_badciv:

The sheer idea of burning SSR servants that aren’t np6 is baffling to me.

No, scratch that, the concept of np5 ssrs is like beyond me in general. :joy:


Archer of Shinjuku for the rare prisms :feh_doublelion:

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The last and recent SSR I burnt was Arjuna. I burnt him right away when he spooked me. No offense to any players who like Arjuna, but I don’t like Arjuna in every and all aspects (from his design, origin and etc). In fact, I was always happy that he never spooked me until he actually did for the first time. There was no hesitation for burning him for 5 rare prisms since Arjuna=5 rare prisms since the first day of playing FGO. Also, he was the main reason for not choosing Archer class for the GSSR despite of the fact that Ishtar was top priority must-have servant. Lastly, none of my support friends have Arjuna.

Other SSRs I have burnt are Shiki (once), MHX (twice) and Altria OG (once) because they were already at NP5.

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I once had the temptation to burn Sanzang,especially when she spooked me twice
that thought is now gone though as she becomes one of my nukers

Nightless Caster, look i was a young fool and i belive in rituals and equivalent of exchange, and actually worked, i got NP 2 Malter, summer Nobu, summer Nito and summer Nero, was kinda worthy, i didn’t like her because she came intead of zerk of El Dorado, but now a days i would accept her if she comes, exept if she come in a banner where i want a SSR Caster, then i may get mad at her

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Super Human Orion in JP, not really a fan of the muscles. Though its strictly a “Characters I like” Account