St. Patrick's Day event

Do you think Niantic would make an event for St. Patty’s Day with bonuses to lucky trades and lucky friends? It would be nice to buff the Lucky Friend chance and/or lucky trades. Maybe a reduced Stardust cost for trading. Increased spawns of green Pokemon would be funny.

I think Valentine’s Day and Easter are pagan holiays turned Christian events that can be disguised as being what they now actually are. However, vernal equinox/grass pokemon themes will likely continue each middle of March instead of anything directly attributed to the snake/pot of gold chaser.

The game always has large events for four Western festivals (Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s). In contrast, there was a small event for Chinese New Year, while other non-Western festivals have been completely ignored.

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I’d welcome events from any calendar, religious or otherwise because they inevitably come with bonuses.

As an aside I would, though, not refer to St Patrick’s day as “St Pattys” (Paddy being a historically disparaging way of referring to Irish people and Patty being short for female names like Patricia) particularly when in Ireland as a punch in the face often offends.

I’m not Irish by the way.