Does hp above 70 % crit rate from levin champion stack with axe crit rate up from kung fu master.

The critical rates from both wyrmprints do add together, but due to the wyrmprint limits, you’ll get sub-optimal results. Assuming MUB wyrmprints, instead of being 24% crit rate, you’re limited to 15%. Since you’re talking about Kung Fu Masters (KFM), I’m going to assume the prints are for an axe user. MUB KFM and MUB Flower in the Fray is an optimal set of prints as axe users get a total of 40% skill damage, 14% critical rate, and 15% critical damage, without going over the limits compared to MUB KFM and MUB Levin’s Champion, which give together 15% critical rate, 15% critical damage, and 20% skill damage.


As Colonel_Lika said, bonuses from wyrmprints do stack, however, all bonuses have a limit. When you look at a wyrmprint and it says (Max X%) it means that’s the maximum amount of that particular bonus you can get through wyrmprints. For example, Critical Damage has (Max 25%) that means that even if you had two wyrmprints with Crit Damage +15% you’d only get 25% instead of the 30%.

I should also point out that this limit is independent to a character’s own abilities.

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