Stage One Pokemon in PvP

With today’s Community Day featuring Alolan Sandshrew who comes in at just under 1500 CP when best buddy, it got me thinking. What are the most viable stage one Pokemon available?

I occasionally see shadow kanto Grimer. It’s thrown me off every time I see it.

Grimer without question the most noticable one.
Vullaby is cool as well; wailmer and bonsly could be mentioned as well. Drifloon and luxio also not really bad, but they’re more like worse versions of their evolutions.

If you thinking baby pokémon do not forget Munchlax, to me in the great league Munchlax can outperform it’s evolution.

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Oh yea, don’t know why I forgot that - probably too good for a baby :D
Mantyke also not that bad, there was a YouTube vid not that long ago. Could’ve been a special cup though; also it’s quite the same to mantine

A lot of Rock-type 1st stage 'mon get close to 1500CP: Geodude, Rhyhorn, Omastar, Tirtouga (almost any fossil really). Several Normals too: Teddiursa, Litleo, Lickitung, Munchlax; many of whom have similar movesets and better bulk than their evolutions. Several others that had an evo added: Murkrow, Sneasel, Farfetch’d.

I used to run a farfetched for fun and spice, it is… Interesting…

Best stage 1 pokemon that can evolve in great League: Lickitung, no doubt. Best pivot in the meta

Grimer seems a very fun mon to use, it’s been in my to do list for a while.

And mons that can evolve and are better than their evolution, a lot: vigoroth, golbat, munchlax, zweillows, dusclops, litleo. I love when that happens

It definitely makes the Great League feel more like a beginner’s league for those lower-stage evos!

People keep mentioning munchlax as being bulkier than Snorlax, and while it’s true it’s not by much. Snorlax has more defense, less stamina, and a bit lower stat total, but if your munchlax hatched from an egg you’ve gotta throw that out. Snorlax’s moveset is 10x better too. Munchlax is better on a budget tho, cheaper second move.

Bottom line - it doesn’t matter much, they’re overall very similar, I also wouldn’t call munchlax necessarily better (but for sure not worse). In the end, use the one with better pvp (munchlax can have fantastic stats clocking in at 1499cp with 10/12/15 from an egg!). I have both, but I use both rarely, let’s face it, in the end they’re both a bit… undecided and mediocre (except for some special cups).