Stake & Chain Farming: Salem Seven Gables or Salem Execution Site + Camelot?

As per the title, I need both stakes and chains (100+ in quantity) so I am wondering if I should farm

  • Salem Seven Gables for both Stake and Chain drops; each with 40% chance.
  • Salem Execution Site for 60% Stake and then somewhere in Camelot for chains.

Thank to having all bronze enemies, Seven Gables is a nicer node to me since I can 3T farming [RNG-dependent but pretty reliable so far] with Kiyohime/Paracelsus (Scope), Arash (Scope), Friend Merlin/Waver, and Nitocris (Devilish Bohisatva). Execution Site is such a pain to clear with that nearly 200K Elder Ghoul (Gold Assassin).

Is Seven Gables more beneficial in the long run?

With circe or sanzang, the elder ghoul isn’t an issue, especially if you have black grail or something.

I think it’s usually recommended to do mixed node farming if you need both materials as it tends to be more ap efficient in the long run. Personally I prefer single material quests, but that’s probably because lately I haven’t felt the materials I want are in the same mixed node at sufficiently high rates. also I never use servant planners to know how many hundreds of each I actually need, too depressing
If seven gables has what you want and is easy to farm for you, sounds perfect.

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Mixed ascension material farming is more efficient in the long run; you’ll save 10 AP on even Stake/Chain pair you get over farming them individually.

That adds up to a lot of saved apples pretty quickly.

I’m pretty sure you will always clear the bronze enemies. You could also try bringing a friend First Hassan for his AoE death resist down and bring Paracelsus (or rather, Avicebron) instead of Kiyo.

Nito’s Egyptian Magecraft skill boosts her death success rate by 50-100%. I’m going to assume you have it at Lv 8 (85%). Her NP, at OC 300%, has a 75% death rate.

0.75 x 1.85 = 1.3875 -> 138.75% death chance. So far, so good.

Bronze frame enemies have an 80% death rate, so 1.3875 x 0.8 = 1.11 -> 111% chance to inflict death.

So you should be good to go regardless.

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I’ll say this, I’m grateful you even created this thread: I still need to farm an insane amount of Stakes for Eresh, and I need some chains for First Hassan’s Ascension. I hadn’t realized there was a node with both of them. :laughing:

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Well, I have neither of them; but maybe Sanzang can spook me instead of Waver; not that I am looking for it. And no Black Grail either but my Heaven’s Feel is about to be MLB.

This settles the deal: Seven Gables that is.

Unfortunately, my Nito’s Egyptian Magecraft is Lv 4 (+65% Death Rate). This is why I need the Chains in the first place after dumping all to get my Eresh to 4/10/8. Reworking your formula gives me a wonderful 0.75 * 1.65 * 0.8 = 0.99 Death chance. And it really DID fail me several times :fgo_alterashock:

Luckily we have Stakes in April.

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