Stall team without Jeanne or Tamamo

Please help me figuring out a stall team against Salter on this memorial quest for a player that don’t have the usual units needed to stall, like Tamamo and Jeanne, especially when the challenge quest gimmick makes casters heavily targeted. I specifically want to use crit units, like Sherlock, Emiya Assassin, Nursery Rhyme, or Emiya Archer so i want to stack GoA to keep the steady stream of stars going on top of the NP gen. Is it possible to make a stable stall team with those units? If not, I don’t mind losing damage output and use different unit. I have Edison, but his skills are not leveled and he’s not even max foued yet.

Merlin-Emiya Assassin-Mash managed to survive until second bar because their taunt helps directing the damage away from Merlin and Emiya Assassin’s NP reduces crit chance and NP charge, but maybe something else will work better with Merlin-Emiya Assassin team?

Nursery Rhyme doesn’t seem ideal because her NP charge reduction isn’t guaranteed and her NP is AoE, which make her seem like a lesser option compared to Emiya Assassin, but her caster class allows her to share the damage with Merlin I suppose.

Other than that, there’s Merlin-non caster dps-lv 70 Andersen but in this teamcomp Andersen always become the first one to go because despite the hefty amount of healing his def buff would sometimes miss on him and despite already being boosted by grail, his HP is still too low to survive.

David with level 10 harp of healing + Mash 10/10/10 + Friend Merlin = invincible team. As you know already, salter will target merlin always so you have to time Mash’s taunt, Invincibility, and a mystic code evade in rotation. Merlin’s heal and Mash’s defense should keep merlin alive while merlin’s buster support gives David the steroids he needs to damage salter. To counter Salter’s noble phantasm, you just need to rotate harp of healing and merlin’s aoe invincibility. Using this strategy I beat Salter in roughly 45 turns.


David is a fantastic unit for this fight, if you want crit units you can go for Tristan due to his quick focus and him also possessing Harp of Healing (C rather than B) but i like David more because of his 1st skill negating Salter’s Defense and his triple Arts deck. Mash compliments David very well and you can use Touta as a last ditch effort due to his PfA skill and Heals.

Merlin is normally great but in this fight specifically you want to run 2 Casters instead of just 1 in the frontline to share the damage output Salter throws, for a crit team in this fight you don’t seem to have the best units to do it (Skadi and Santera).

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CasCu, Merlin, David. Surprisingly decent at stalling out Salter throughout the fight though a bit reliant on crit RNG. Backline could be whoever you want that you feel might suit your needs. I just went with the ones I went with (Circe, Midrash, and Danzo) due to their skillsets. Even have a video showcasing the exact set-up.


My David’s skills aren’t leveled too highly, maybe only to 4/5/4, and I think this team would still leave Merlin too vulnerable, because from what I already tried Mash alone isn’t enough to keep him alive when he’s the only caster on the field, but thank you for the answer.

@LFVBF nfortunately I don’t have Tristan, and from what I understand Skadi isn’t suitable for stalling, so I’m not sure about Skadi and Santera, but thank you for the answer.

interesting, I didn’t think of using cascu. I’ll try it, thank you

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Lvl 6 is all you need on David’s S2 to match Merlin’s S2. Both will be at a 7-turn CD

i see, thank you. hopefully i have enough mats for that. i never seem to be able to make him work as intended before.

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Jeanne (equipped with prisma should be plenty on supports)+10/10/10 Mash + st archer (chloe is ideal, david works too)+mages association mc

Arts chains priority charging jeanne is priority, mash is there to mitigate normal atttacks, Jeanne is there to provide debuff clear, heals and hard counter on np. Mages association is there just in case

Try this team:
It’s very methodical

If you don’t have Chloe aka Kuro, maybe use David in the front instead and put other archers in the back.

David is good. Plug suit and use him to counter 1 turn AOE NP or remove AOE stun with bonus charisma attack up
Also he has high dmg stat, NP5 with skill seal to attack saber enemy or prevent enemy use skill on team.

Thank you for the answers. I don’t have Chloe, and while those strategies seem good, I honestly want to find a the kind of strat that prioritizes survivability and sacrifices a lot of its offense in the process. I have already cleared this cq, so I thought it would be interesting to try finding a way to clear it with slower team comp, as in a team comp that creates a stable system and which ensures everyone on the frontline survives until the end.
Maybe stall isn’t the right term, turtling might be more accurate. I also want to specifically try using neutral damage dps like Sherlock just to see if it’s possible and I want to make use of his unique gameplay value as CQ specialist, but with no luck so far. Maybe it’s really only possible with Jeanne after all…

Well, if you want a stable clear with neutral damage dealer, Mash/BB/Jeanne should ensure no one absolutely dies, I say that because I cleared the quest with BB/Chloe/jeanne and BB only died at 350k health on last break bar because I was careless and used the stuns just for fun… I just wanted to end it faster Hope this helps.

unique gameplay value as a cq specialist

From what I understand, Holmes specialty is to enable dps comps, not turtle comps. That’s Jeanne’s specialty.
Holmes only team defense is an np seal on cool down, albeit he does have a self evade, it’s just him that gets it.

What holmes does get is team ignore invincible, ignore defense, crit stars and defense and arts resist down. (30% extra guaranteed dmg that ignores all defenses, + up to 20% multiplicative dmg since it’s a different debuff type (I think)).

Er, my point is, Holmes is great but he’s not a turtle.