Standard Edelgard build?

Looking for suggestions here. I can get Edelgard to +6 now, and this was the build I was thinking about.

However, doesn’t she have way too much attack for galeforce? Should I change the special, or the build to lower her attack?
What build would you suggest?

Edit: thinking about it, null follow up seems half redundant with Sturdy impact. I guess I could go with lull Atk/def or guard?


Lull Atk/Def is pretty good
Special Spiral is good on her as well
I run mine like this


She does have too much ATK for Galeforce, so I wouldn’t bother.
I tapked about this not too long ago, so I’m jist gonna quote myself to save time.


that’s a good build on her. i have someone on my friends list that is running DB4 + lull atk/def on her and i feel that could be pretty potent, tho i feel bad for the dimitri that was killed for her


That makes sense to use Galeforce on Rokkr, but other specials on everything else. Thanks


here’s my El currently, though this is sort of experimental:

(ignore the seal not being upgraded, I’m working on grinding resources for it)

It seems to work well tho I would be wary about running it without high merges (which you have) and summoner support to buff her awful res

DC + vantage works too.

Your build tho is pretty good on her but like Eternal Shade said, her attack is way too high for galeforce. I’d just go with Luna or Bonfire.


As yet another person with a +10 Edelgard, I find that she also makes an excellent Galeforcer in the top zone of Mjolnir’s Strike. In that circumstance, due to the inflated stats of the enemy units in the high tiers, her attack is actually not too high for Galeforce. Her base A and C with Null Follow Up is what I use for that mode.



That 57 atk is good for galeforce…