Standout weirdoes: your favourite current & upcoming non-loopers/non-standard comps

We all like to talk about loop de loop farming and such minturns for lottos, awkward FQ/event nodes and such, but I’m interested in what servants people like for other playstyles:

What kinds of weird comps are you fond of?
What kind of current or upcoming servants do you think enable fun alternate playstyles?
What niche supports have you built around?
Do you enjoy any odd solo builds?
Who here has made the Prillya team?

Face cards are suck for consistency, but when you want to play without following a script a little RNG keeps things interesting.

This includes upcoming servants so that’s why I added a JP tag - no story spoilers plz.


Lose turn 1 with double Arash-Nobukatsu :clap:


Double Miss Crane/Gong FTW.

No one appreciates 2 turn runs.


A fun meme, that is actually functional, and I’m looking forward to is Double Himiko + Buster Attacker.

Their Charismas combined make 48 stars every turn for 3 turns, which is 2 away from every card in any given hand critting, their NPs give a minimum of 60% Buster up and 100% crit damage up, usually 125% due to her Overcharge gimmick, and both of them can use their S3s to crit themselves while also reaching their NPs more easily.

Because of everything provided, just about any Buster attacker with 2 or more Buster cards can be the 3rd attacker, Super Orion like in the video, Caligula for some memes or Samba Quetz because 3 Rulers frontline and for her passive star regen putting them above 50 stars while her NP adds even more Crit damage based on OC.


I might have to retire my Merlin then…


Crit memes have a bright future, they’ve got like 3 juicy crit supports coming up and some niche attackers who get extra superpowered by VG/Douman. And Orion who just bruises even without the support!

I’m gonna want some friends with support extra class offerings methinks!


Or… You could run him WITH Himiko.


Relying on face cards does kind of suck. But I can at least guarantee a brave chain on turn 3 with BB card lock for regular min-turn farming purposes, which is basically 90%+ of my current farming. The RNG is more a matter of whether I can secure enough stars to crit by then, which may or may not matter depending on the HP pool of the ‘big enemy’ on Wave 3

Definitely looking forward to playing around with Van Gogh when she comes out for the lovely Foreigner crit spamming potential


Moar Arash Victory lines courtesy of Asclepius :fgo_gaooo:


Yeah it was you who mentioned VG as your future want in the ticket thread. I had a look at the double VG/BB combo and it’s holy crit meme! You can even plug a Merlin or Douman in before the card lock if you don’t plan on waiting for additional VG NPs!

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3 Colors :fgo_gaooo:

Poor mats to skill up :fgo_ereshdistress:


Yeah, that was the comp I was alluding to when I brought it up.

What I love most about it is that any one of the three could feasibly act as the DPS, depending on kind of hand you get. So there’s a lot of flexibility for longer fights (not that many things will live all that long from those crit numbers anyway). While I can’t deny that looping will always be the ‘meta’ thing, the raw satisfaction of hitting those big crit numbers won’t just go away


Sure, and you always have Merlin as a fall back support to survive an NP. I think once the crit gets going you don’t need to have both VGs spamming their NP as you’ll always be pretty close to the crit cap.

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When I saw this I lost any interest in Chad Orion. The hard part will be rolling for two SSR’s that come out back to back f2p.

The worst part is actually rolling for Douman.


Chad Orion is still a thing even with the outer realm/chaotic evil crit teams, it’s just… those teams make the whole trio crit hard.

Himi/S Orion/Merlin is still going to crit streak everything but with a bit less consistency.

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Not to mention that Van Gogh already comes with an inherent AOE Evade and a personal Guts skill. So it’s kind of like having two Davids on the survivability front, on top of the stuff she already does

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Yeah, her survival is really good, even with just by herself.


Mmm, I heard some remark that Douman means servants who have all but crit like the Kiaras can now crit if needed but that misses the fact that star gen is needed as he doesn’t provide it unless he’s the point servant between Skadis.

Van Gogh is pretty self-sufficient for solos and brings star gather/star gen for another point servant.

Edit: if I’m whaling AA to NP5 I want to maximise his use, so another point for Himiko/Castoria (or Merlin/Castoria) for me. He may not stack crit memes but his powermod and star gather are still big numbahs smash.


Yeah, Douman does lack a passive source of stars to maximize those crits, so he’s tied to other supports who can do that for him, which fortunately both Van Gogh and Summer BB happen to be able to do. But that does make him somewhat less ‘essential’ to the comp.

I’ll be getting him regardless tho for that sexy, over-the-top voice acting and his inherent compatibility with my two favorite servants


Douman is a consideration for me because he supports servants I use like Kama and can make his own gimmick team as a point servant if I want to mess around. He also serves as an equivalent plug 3T dps boost close to Merlin’s 1T buff. Ofc that does rely on there still being some Skadis under All in the case of Kama/himself.

Quite a few popular point servants are chaotic evil, so while he’s niche his niche is at least packed with high tiers.