Starly Community Day?

I have a few 100iv Starly.

What do people think the chances of a starly CD or Staraptor getting Sky Attack or similar?

Starly is essentially the Pidgey of Gen IV (though with better stats), so I doubt it would be a candidate for a community day. I think it’s far more likely that its shiny will be released during an event at some point. If it gets new moves, they will also likely be introduced during an event (or whenever Niantic adds new moves to certain mons).

If given Sky Attack, then it would be a very good flying attacker. Slightly behind Honchkrow, but better dps than ray ray’s current flying moveset.

Zero chance. It cannot learn Sky Attack in the games.

Staraptor can learn it via move tutor in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, so that counts. It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that Staraptor could learn Sky Attack in Go.


In all honesty, I think the pokemon go app will be taken offline before there is a starly community day.