Started playing 3H!

So yeah, fire emblem three houses has been fun so far (I’m playing on hard difficulty). For my first time playing, I decided to choose the Golden Deers. In my first battle, Claude dodged 3 hits of 70% in a row (What a legend). I’ve still got lots to learn though!


Have fun! I’m still only on Chapter 14 of my first playthrough because my job sucks most of my time up. :catroll: But I’ve been enjoying myself despite my snail-like progress.

I picked the Black Eagles because Bernie was adorable, I found Petra’s speech charming, and I love magic users. But then Ferdinand, the character I thought would be extremely annoying, wound up becoming my favorite. I like him even more than Linhardt now.


Pst… We got different sub categories for a reason :slight_smile:

Nice ! 3H is such a good game ! I’ve done the Blue Lions and started the Golden Deers and I have so much fun !
Besides, the game have so much lifespan ! It took me almost 70h just to finish one route so…

Anyway, 3H is a great game and I hope you’ll appreciate it :bylethsmile:

golden deer is definetly a good route to start on :catdance:

as a tip i’d say to never touch maddening unless you enjoy to suffer, this coming from a certain someone who has been stuck on the final battle for a few days now :catsob:

Oh, I forgot about those. My bad!

Have fun! I’ve done both the BL and BE and doing the Golden deer now!
It’s an amazing game, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!