Starting a Dark Defense (Trying to, anyway)

So I’ve been playing FEH since a month after it came out, and I’m only just now starting to take Aether Raids more seriously.

I figured I should do a dark defense party, since I have a bramimond, and came up with this so far. Ignore how terrible everyone is, I haven’t done jack all with most of the characters:

I don’t usually build characters with a team in mind, so starting from scratch seemed like the reasonable thing to do. I was thinking Virion and Silvia would have Infantry Pulse, Bramimond be himself, Kagero a PP hard-hitter. Azura and Silvia would have supportive roles. Or more offensive, I dunno.

What does everyone think? I just wanna know if these characters would make a decent team together, and some basic ideas of how to build them for now. Building and unit placement will be its own challenge in the future.

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Tbh when it comes to ARD formation matters as much or more than the unit selection. With your units they’re essentially all colorless, so a raven tome or something can just take them all out

Also why are there 5 units? And what AR tier are you in? If it’s below 20, definitely don’t worry at all about ARD, it’s only really tier 21 and up where that starts to matter

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Tier 18 right now, but given that I’ve been paying very little attention to AR up to now, probably not the most accurate assessment.

I’d have liked to at least have some characters (hopefully a full team) prepared by the time I do have to worry about it AR-D, but if you say not to care for now, I guess I won’t. Is there anywhere I can look at that’ll help me start getting an idea for unit and building placement though?

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Well I suggest you focus primarily on ARO for the time being, at least until you hit tier 20 or 21 (probably 21). When you hit tier 21, then you may need to start worrying about ARD. At that time, you can ask again, or if you really want to there are some minimal guidelines I wrote at some point.

Formations are a bit difficult to come up with, tbh you can just grab whoever’s the highest AR on your friend list (hopefully like tier 26+) or copy someone on GP’s defense formation. It’s not the best way to learn, but oh well. But yeah the best way to make an ARD is make a thread and ask around, but after you’re tier 21, and after you have a formation and team in mind


Simple setup:

Units: 2 Mythics, 2 attackers, 1 dancer, 1 front liner

Make sure you have at least two colors, but try to balance them so that your team isn’t weak to a tank of any one color. Place Hardy Bearing seal on your best attacker. Give Wings of Mercy to your dancer. Replace Mythics with attackers if you lack Mythics and prioritize summoning the best Mythics for each season.

Terrain: Springwater or Lost Castle

Place all your units in a clump in the top left or top right, respectively. Dancer goes in the back corner, front liner in the middle front. Make units’ ranges overlap so that any threatened tile is threatened by as many units and colors as possible. Do not allow any of your threatened squares be threatened by only one unit (those are easy places to park a tank).

Place your fortress in the bottom row, column 2 or 5 for Springwater or Lost Castle, respectively. Place important buildings around the edges in back and unimportant ones on the front edges. Do not trap any of your units or place buildings in the middle—leave it nice and open without any choke points. Place all traps within 2 spaces of your units; it’s most important to protect your Hardy Bearing unit.


Imo i’d say :

  • 2 dancer (possible to use 1/2 Triandra)
  • 2/3 ranged nuke, including 1 bramimond (possible to use 2 bramimond)
  • 1/2 Frontline (possible to use Hel / high merge Sothis)

@nobody625 is right about the formation, it matters as much or more, and there’s plenty of differents efficients formation.

You should either try to get inspired by others players or watch some fehtuber about popular AR-D formation :feh_altinawink:
You can also create your own but it’ll obviously have flaws at first that you’ll have to patch over time.