Starting Camelot - Need Some Advice? [NA]

I recently reached Camelot, and just wanted some advice and assurance if I the servants I have can be useful. I had heard there’s quite the difficulty spike and witnessed it when I got destroyed on the very first mission, so I just want to be prepared lol.

Here are my notable servants:
Okitan - Lv 60
Hijikata - Lv 45
Mordred - Lv 60
Hans - Lv 35 -
Cu - Lv 40 - NP2
Tomoe (Archer of Inferno) - Lv 40
Regend - Lv 40 - NP5
d’Eon - Lv 30
Euryale - Lv 30 - NP2
Mash - Lv 30
Izou - Lv 1

Notable CEs
Imaginary Around
Another Ending
Final Narrator
Necromancy x2
Seal Designation Enforcer
After Party Order
Jeweled Sword x5

I’ve been using Memelin as support throughout the past singularities.
I started part 1 around 2 months ago, was taking it quite chill untill the Ryouma event.

So is clearing Camelot possible with what I have?
Advice please ;-;


Level up ur servants.

They are underleved af


EURYALE!!! because Gawain is a pain in the rear and she’s the best (and cutest) counter.


I would suggest at least take some of your servants to the last ascension before attempting again. One of every class for a start


I’ve been meaning to really.
Cant ascend some because of mats.

Ah yes I’ve heard a lot about that one xD

Will upto 60 be okay?
Because farming embers really is a pain.

I’m gonna be 100% honest with you, you’re probably not going to be able to make it through Camelot with your Servants that underleveled. You really need to raise them. Preferably max leveled.


You need at least a full frontline of max-level servants. Don’t bother trying to progress any further in the story without that, the game takes the kid gloves off with Camelot, and starts assuming you’re past the low-level phase. You don’t need the most optimal party ever, I certainly didn’t have that (Maid Alter, LanceRaikou, and RideRin), so just start by picking your favorite three servants and getting them to the cap. Everything starts getting easier once you have a functional team.


Also, level Mash and upgrade her skills ASAP. She becomes one of the most powerful supports in the game in this singularity.


there’s alot of topics like this. the main is level up servants and make sure you have people on your friends list with servants you can count on.


I cleared the first section with Okitan/Hans/Memelin, though it took like 16 turns for the last fight.

Edit: Yeah I’ll give Mash the attention she deserves ;-;

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Thanks for the link!

Sadly, Okitan isn’t a great choice for Camelot, as most of the big boss fights are against knight-class enemies.


if he had merlin and waver, the triple ozy fight would be fun…

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Maxing everyone is gonna be a big ember-fest tho.
I need to get there before the Ryouma event ends lol.

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Copy this if you want to go through it the quickest way possible.

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Triple Ozy?!

Seems intresting.

wave 1 - ozy/sphinx
wave 2 - ozy/sphinx
wave 3 - ozy/nitocris

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It’s a guide for like every story node in Camelot, completed by way of the Support List. All of Part 1 can be done that way if desired.