Starting DL on the Anniversary Event - Reroll or Pray n Save?

Exactly what it says on the tin—I’m a new player starting… just in time for the anniversary campaign (thankfully; I might’ve just smad quit if I missed it). Which is GREAT, all the gems, perfect for re-rolling…

But a poor banner during it.

And no high-tier, high-rarity, or even just high-love charas I’m LOOKING to reroll for :/

(Except for maybe Marishiten, Delphi, and Nefaria—for one possible non-limited Dragon, Husbando, and Waifu targets respectively, but lmao)

Which is to say I’ve answered my own question already— especially given I’m a f2p hoarder who’ll’ve saved all my free quartz for 18 months over on FGO since Merlin by the time I’ll be rolling for Skadi— but that’s the answer for me.

Which is to say, I figure this’ll be a neat question to discuss all the same—especially since, with the 5k wyrmite as the first anniversary login bonus, there’ll be a few more days yet for people like me to wonder over this same thing :D

Marishiten is limited, unfortunately. Delphi is odd but good. Nef is really bad, however. I like her too though.
There should be another Gala coming the end of this month/beginning of next month, so if the anniversary bonus persists to that time period, then is when you should be rerolling. That’s the special banner with increased base 5* rates and its own set of limited adventurers. Targets there are Gala Cleo (best unit in the game), Gala Euden (best light unit), and Sarisse (best fire unit), with the rest not really having a current role, plus whoever they add that’s new this time.
Either way, this is one of those games where you’re expected to eventually get most if not all of the adventurers and dragons.

Reading into your italics a bit much, the first anniversary was in September. So there’s not an upcoming giant event like that. We do have/are getting some events that will give out some solid amounts of wyrmite though.
Right now there’s a ‘story event’ which gives currency for doing any level alongside a rerun of the event it is a sequel to; though that event might be a bit hard for a brand new player, it gives you an extra Dark boosting facility. We’re also getting a rerun of a beginner-focused raid, then at the end of the month the Mega Man collab which should have a good free unit. They might also stick a void endeavor campaign in there somewhere.