Starting to Question Why I Have Him

As the title suggests, I’m currently in a spot where I’m really questioning why I have this guy.

He’s really useful for Abyssal content since I can just Bonfire nuke most enemies, dance, then nuke, and repeat for the typical Nuke + 3 Refreshers strategy. It’s nice to do I guess but outside of that I just don’t really see any reason to use him, and it’s kinda saddening because, at this point, he’s here because of the time and resources spent.

I dunno, I’m kinda glad that I didn’t spend the Grails to finish max merging, and maybe I just need to give him a different build, but I’m honestly having issues finding the desire to legitimately use him outside of story content. I might just end up foddering him at some point, I dunno. At this point I think I get more enjoyment out of my +6 Eliwood, and, as many of you know, I have some regrets about building him up as well. Lol.

Dunno why I’m telling any of you this… So… Take another CYL meme.


@SweetiePie Shura

Hm, that’s kinda sad :/ I remember when you were so proud of your NY!Corrin…


Yeah, watching him nuke Surtr’s was very satisfying. But I don’t get that spark that I used to get.


Made sure just to give him one piece of premium fodder just in case…

Very smort.

Lol, well he’s served me well, there’s no denying that. I’m not saying he’s a bad unit, but I don’t really enjoy him anymore.:man_shrugging:

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SS fodder tho

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Spiral and Close Counter if I do end up foddering him. :man_shrugging:

Can’t think of anyone except Kronya who would want both.

Kiria maybe? Brunya…

Tharja and Matthew can use both pretty nicely


I actually saw a terrifying NY!Corrin in AR the other day. It was on an infantry pulse team and had sturdy impact, a short bow, and ignis. Helbindi just couldn’t tank it all.

In all seriousness though, you might as well keep him considering the investment you’ve made. He could at least be used for arena if you give him a duel skill, and then use his base bow for some support.

I think it would be a waste to get rid of him at this point, considering how many grails have been used.


I don’t really need him for Arena though, and I never know when I’ll actually get C Duel Infantry fodder. Not to mention the fact that Arena has changed so you don’t really need to run nothing but cheer leaders for your Arena core.

Thanks for spending so much time with me. I had a wonderful New Year’s thanks to you!
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I wonder what you’d write… Something to reflect your desire to bring this fighting to an end?
Or maybe you’d write something about wanting strong Heroes instead.
Heh, if that’s your wish, I guess I need to work even harder. I want to stay by your side, after all.
I want to become a Hero who can make all your wishes come true. I think that’s what I’ll write down.

'cause you’re doing it for him


Why would you do this to me? Now I feel bad. :sob:


Believe in the him who believes in you!!
He knows you’ll pull through making him the best bow unit there ever was!

But honestly if you can’t use him in arena in any other modes but still like him, entrust him as your chef in the resort or other things. keep him active so you don’t think you’re just dropping him


Yeah, I’d agree with this. I’ve got units I don’t really use anymore, but I keep them around for sentimentality.

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The only other heroes I can see stepping on NY!Corrin’s toes is like Gordin and Leon, all the other ones are limited time units soo :feh_lucyshrug:

If you feel like you put much into him, you could fodder him like you said, but I think keeping him isn’t too bad since special spiral is starting to become a bit more common anyways, and close counter is a possibility when it comes to getting back into the regular pool since we just got it on a seasonal unit this year.

He may not be the best, but I would just keep him around, you’ve already made your investment into him with grails which honestly is worth more than fodder because grails can be harder to get just depending on the luck of your pulls imo.


You can try a brave bow + build on him! Or, even better, a double distant defense + gaurd bow build. Don’t fodder him tho, there’s never a reason to give up 140,000 feathers just because you’re frustrated with his lack of niche. Every unit has one, and often I find people get frustrated with units when they try to use a unit outside of it.

Already have one. It’s what I was using before I gave him Slaying Bow.

That doesn’t seem too appealing to be honest, lol.

It’s not that I’m frustrated with him - he’s not a bad unit. He may not be able to one shot some of today’s commonly used units like Brave Ike (or possibly anyone with Close Call, haven’t checked) but when I get him into Brazen range he tends to nuke a lot of previously titled “threats” like Grima, Hector’s, Brave Ephraim, even a few Tiki’s.

Could the build be better? Arguably. Sturdy Impact gives 1 less attack for 3 more defense and doesn’t require setup, although doesn’t give any end phase potential (he can actually tank fairly well when in Brazen range compared to if I were to give him Impact).

It’s just that I don’t really find him “fun” anymore. I’ve tried using him recently with a few of my other commonly used units and he put in the work, but it was kinda just “yeah, cool”. The spark that I had before has kinda faded. I have a few thoughts as to why but I think I wanna try and figure if out if they contribute to my current problem or not, which may take a it of time.

It’s kinda like when people that are married lose the spark that they felt before. Yeah, I love you but I’m not really… Feeling it anymore, I guess? Like stated previously, he’s mainly there because of how much I put into him in terms of resources.

All I can add is if you do fodder him off give him fury first, it should help it sting less that way.

I’d personally keep him around though

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