Steady Posture 3

Should I give it to Laegjarn, or save shannan. Shannan is +Atk -Def and this is my Laegjarn.

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I mean, she can use it. Don’t know if she’s that good with it though.

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If you really like Largjarn, go for it.

But if we’re talking performance, Shannan will be a lot better than her in most cases :feh_nini:


I meant to do one but I’m in the middle of something and I rushed it.

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I would normally say keep Shannan, but you do have that wild Astram of yours… If you like and use Laegjarn, she isn’t a bad pick. You won’t be losing too much, though I’d personally save it.

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Because she’s a flier, she doesn’t have access to that many good B skills.

You could probably just use Guard in her B slot for the exact same effect, although possibly something like Spd/Def Solo or something. :thinking:


I’m kinda depresso about that


I would put repel on her if I could because she is the fastest in my barracks.

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Here’s the real question, would you be keeping Shannan because you kind of like him or just because his power is good right now. If the latter, know he’ll just be powercrept next month so fodder away, as the no HP requirement guard effect is a great.

Edit: Just be sure to collect those juicy Dragonflowers first

Don’t know if he’ll be powercrept that quickly

I dunno, IS seems to be very quick in their quest to powercreep units as of late, or maybe that’s just me.


It did feel like we went from M!Grima to Nagi at a good time, but W!Sothis was only a couple of months after Nagi. That felt really fast, as someone who pulled Nagi. In the case of Repel / Close Call, it will depend on how quickly they raise unit speeds or if they give low speed units something to counter them. My guess is they won’t rocket speeds up in a couple months, and since those skills are partly to neutralize AoE effects, I doubt they will buff those. Maybe more Fighter-style speed-ignoring skills?

Anyway, I’d keep Shannan and use Guard in the B instead.