Steampunk Echidna

Echidna is by far my favorite sprite within the game, and when I have put in the mad scientist goggles on her, it just makes me think she is some type of blacksmith or steampunk character.
So after a year after getting the first copy I have finally completed her. The build isn’t the exact best but it works for PvE content overall.

I needed some more Binding Blade +10s so Echidna is mainly just here to help out with Limited hero battles and other more general content to add variety. I also just really wanted someone to use the firesweep axe and with that Echidna was probably my best bet.

With that I am working on these two for general projects.

Both admittedly have weird starting builds but I am having fun with them and that’s all that really matters.




Thanks mate.


She is amazing and so far you have given her good skills, the only things i would change are the seal and the axe
I have given mine multiple skills and she can run many good builds, These two are the ones i use most, ignore repel, that was before i had spurn. But I also gave her Null C-Disrupt and its a joy to watch veronicas and other nasty healers die to her, even Brave Lyn.


Thanks for ideas on builds I may try later but right now I’m probably just keep what I have. I really only plan to use her for PvE stuff so those builds aren’t the most necessary for it. Plus I just like using Firesweep a lot, it is a really fun weapon.


that is ok, I use her for everything.
I never got gerik or any firesweep axe i could give her, but i gave her ninja hana axe, she can be good for a galeforce build with it.


Maybe when hana comes back in the limited manuals, I would like to keep one copy for now, and the other version of the axe went to my Flame Emperor lol.