Step aside, Brave Lyn and Quadsuna (real-life speed archery demonstration)

Came across this recently and thought it was too cool not to share. This guy may be the world’s fastest archer. (Re: the Brave Lyn reference, he actually uses a motorcycle rather than a horse – maybe a powercrept bow cavalier? :) )


Artemis is about to have her weave snatched.


As an archer, this guy is very good at what he does, but the historical foundations that he claims for his style are generally just not true.

The archery community usually considers him something of a joke. He’s excellent at what he does, but it’s certainly not traditional in the way he claims, and some of his trick shots would be considered deeply irresponsible by a lot of experts.

He does some really cool stuff though, and I don’t want to knock that. Just give some context.


I Never Knew Virion Had A Brown Hair

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