Stheno appreciation thread

People called us maniacs, heretics, called her nothing more than free quarts and rare prism. Ever since her “kinda” appearance in last event people seem to like her more, so now its time to praise the quick np bar charging,hard critting,divine supporting, sister loving smugness!

Also show your goddess if you have it


ill still dislike her, as she’s spooked me way too many times


If you don’t like someone or something you can just mute the thread and move on bruh. I know I most certainly would do that for certain Servants, just out of apathy.

Anyway, she’s 9/10/9, not bonded up enough but that will definitely be a priority; even more so once we eventually get word of, or even better yet get her eventual animation update. All of the Gorgons deserve love, Stheno included!


Here here!

She paved the way for FGO for me, she was my starter SR, my friends told me to reroll but I was too lazy and accepted her wholeheartedly. She took over hard battles for me despite people saying “she’s trash”. My masochism awakened due to that, i rebelliously continued with her at the helm.

Although now that I’ve got stronger servants and she’s in the backline, still gotta give her love. She deserves some love too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What’s funny is… I only got her on NP1, SHE HAS NEVER SPOOKED ME…Am I blessed or am I just too cursed lol


I actually like her design, and despite most people opinions, she’s rather high on my Assassin skill leveling list.
I really want to make her work as best as possible. The fact she got an Animation Update and my not even so absurd hope we get that rather soon… It’s just even more reasons why I want to make her work as soon as possible.

I also don’t hate her for spooking me. I have her NP5, but I can’t remember her spooks ever ruining my rolls. At least not like Fionn during Scathach. Or Yan instead of Nitocris.
Stheno likes me, and I like her.

I would share some arts showing her… But those I have at hand right now… I… I really can’t share them. I don’t wanna get banned.


Since the advent of Ana, all of the gorgon variants have grown on me. I think the whole family has all skills between 8 and 10 and Og Medusa is now bond 10. True steno’s the one still at 8 (wasn’t ready to part with all those scales), and if I get another gold assassin card I hope it’s not her (closing in on 900 days, only got steno and jack as gatcha assassin, least diverse class), but I’ve come to enjoy her charmlocking divine support.


I actually had Stheno on my team at the end of LB1 trying to raise bond. She ended up being the last servant standing when dealing with a certain mammoth, and won it for me through sheer charm-lock. Sure, the team I was using was rather poorly matched overall with the her as the exception, but she still stands out as useful in situations where her anti-male niche shines. Her divine-themed Charisma skill is also pretty damn good, and actually affects herself unlike a lot of other ones that give an extra 20%.


hey look it’s that girl that gave me 6 sq for doing her rank ups and interludes

Yes that’s my contribution to this thread


I don’t remember i what banner i get her but i never thougth about burning her because she is the sister of Medusa sonido can’t do that, related to Medusa=is perfect as it is, and she is pretty good when you give her a chance



At one point I burned a copy of her by accident (I had just summoned a bunch, and was burning the ones I didn’t need). So I have her at NP2, with 2 copies in my 2nd archive on the rare case I need some immediate RPs, but if I had that other copy she’d be NP5 for sure.

That bonus Attack for Divine servants isn’t something to sneeze at and I think I like her design the best between her and Euryale when I can tell the difference at least

People burning her don’t know what they’re missing.


I burned her because I NEEDED that anniversary blond. She didn’t leave out of spite and her sacrifice is deeply respected

Don’t have Stheno, but I never truly agreed with the overly exaggerated hate she gets. Truthfully, I always wanted my own Stheno to try and fit her into meme comps and have fun with her ridiculous np gain, or her atk up for Divine servants… Also, I refuse to burn any gold Servants I didn’t own after the mistake of burning np4 Ana out of spite. Whether that Servant gets above np1 depends on how much I like them or use them.
Back to Stheno, I don’t share the hate she gets, and while she’s not the best gameplay-wise and she’s incredibly niche, I’d welcome her into my Chaldea. Really like her design and her character, too, even if she isn’t a fave.

Also I have a friend with an np3 level 90 Stheno in my friendlist, and I respect the madlad. They haven’t logged in in 22 days, but if I’m honest, I’m keeping them around just for that Stheno… Fellow Stheno lover, please come back.


Same here.


Nice to see smug snek goddess getting the love and praise she deserves. To this day she still refuses my call. Same with Medusa Lancer. Bond 10 Euryale personally requests she joins the Loli Harem Protection Agency at once. Don’t be afraid. Master and everyone else waits till the day we can shower you with affection and expensive gifts :fgo_ereshlove:


She’s adorable.


I’ll join but only if we pretend she’s Juliet and not Stheno


Stheno saved my life!

After the tutorial summon, she is my first SR. I’ll always remember her summon because she came in the same roll as her twin and I always found that cool.

Who was the first Assassin to help Kojirou slay dragons? Stheno
“But Stheno, you can’t charm dragons.”
“Silly master. Brute force can be part of my charm.”

Who decided to take on servants just to charm them? Stheno
“But Stheno, your NP can’t kill.”
“Silly master. I said I’d fight for you. But I only kill for me.”

Who fights for Mata Hari to be on charm team compositions? Stheno
“But Mata Hari’s stats are too weak.”
“Silly master. Her stats don’t matter if the enemy is paralyzed by lust.”

Who is one of three servants that gets to sit on Heracles shoulders into battle? Stheno
“But… that’s my seat.”
“Silly master. It’s always been my seat. You’re just the seat warmer.”

From start to finish, she’s always been a help for me in Part 1. I’m glad I’m finding even more use for her with Part 2. I do regret that her skill levels don’t show the amount of affection I have for her (she sits at a 6 across all skills and at bond 6. And will probably remain at that skill level for a while). But Stheno is one of the servants who I knew nothing about prior to FGO and by the end of part 1 have a lot of loyalty towards her. She spooked me once and while I wasn’t thrilled by her spook, there was no doubt that I would make her NP2.

Unfortunately she likes my tears so I always have to be on guard and never forget about her when rolling or else she will appear (“Silly master. You must never forget your goddesses. This is just education and your SQ is the price of my tutelage.”).

Cheers to the goddess who we love to hate, who loves our hate and who some of us just love.


3 lores without batting an eye, 0 regrets. Charmlock is some of the most fun I have in the game :two_hearts:

(I also burned a second copy of her without batting an eye… but hey, I really needed that Mona Lisa!)


Yeah, it was about time!

She was my choice for the first SR ticket!

Skills 8/8/10


After running out of lores, I regret some of the ones I already spent. Not this one though