Stheno's NP

Stheno’s NP is “Buster NP that does no damage” and she “cannot be Buster-Brave chained”. “She also has one of the highest NP gains in the entire Servant pool”.
So, my question is what if we change her NP to Art or Quick.
If she go solo again Male Boss, can she have NP loop with her NP change to Art or Quick (with NP gain bonus CE)?

never ever happening lmao, and she’s not the only servant that can’t card type brave chain of her np

besides, I’d rather change emiya’s to arts like it was in early production before even touching stheno

emiya and the abundance of archers with triple arts and a buster np

Think of it this way, she can use her NP to Buster chain with someone that’s actually useful :^)


someone actually run me the numbers

keep everything about him the same except change his np card type to arts

does he become the aoe version of archuria like this? with massive stargen on top?

meh ,i have no numbers to give but his np gain is still lackluster to compare him with archuria but yeah his np refund would be really great
same thing can be said about moriarty and his multi hitting np

Here you go with both his buffs enabled. Not bothered to change ATK/NP level


Well, in my mind, if she go solo again male boss with right CE and NP change to Quick, she can do NP(Q)QQ to charm Boss every turn

wait what ? didn’t expect that,thanks

it’s beautiful

her kit is anti-male niche with a touch of divine suppotive, not offensive

this is without crits right ?

Never mind, forgot to discount overkill/crits lmao.

EDIT: @belluchi Just as I noticed lmao. Still not a bad result.


hahaha i knew it ,my emiya never gave me that much np with his art cards
yep you are right,still better than buster

you mean she is a walking divine charisma with a charm right?

All I want to know is if she can do NP loop?

charm with relatively solid np gen to allow her to potentially spam her def down np (which just gets better post-strengthen 2)

honestly, np spam potential might be a good part as to why she has a buster np

hey can you please send me a like to the website ?
i want to try to calculate raikou’s np gain if she had an arts np

not consistently, no. though you could probably get a few turns at most with the right supports

i mean she wouldn’t be that strong too if she had an arts np,yeah defense debuff is nice and all but umu bride does that better