Still need a shadow ball Mewtwo nowadays?!


Given the am2 is lackluster, people just raid for m2 candies. But by now, specialist prevail generalist. Is there any need to power a m2 even with shadow ball? SB m2 is already outperformed by gira with sc/SB.

Well yes, in the shadow ball department Mewtwo resistance to fight moves it surpass by Tina-O double resistance(and Gengar triple resistance) and it psychic resistance by the double resistance of top tier dark mons like Tyrannitar and Weavile. But even then it remains as a solid attacker and it’s part of the teams of those who like to use only one of each pkm specie.

On other note it continue to be the best psychic type attacker, althought that type doesn’t have to much demand, and with focus blast it’s like a fighting pkm that resist psychic moves.

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SB mewtwo is just so powerful and bulky enough that being a generalist doesn’t really matter. Its comparable to other specialists and thats why its always on raid counter guides. Perhaps not the best counter in every scenario, but if you don’t have 6 high IV specialists, you wont see much of a drop off by throwing a SB mewtwo in there.

It’s not the best of the best anymore but thanks to its raw stats it remains consistently among the top counters to anything weak to Shadow Ball. Definitely worth having if you don’t otherwise have 6 maxed Gengar/Giratina-O which would apply to most people I imagine.


If Shadow ball mewtwo can get easy 6 candy per raid here, then the argument that giratina-O costs the same is no longer relevant (since you’re using mewtwo candy, not rare candy).

So mewtwo can be treated like a non-legendary when deciding what to power up. Ignoring glass gengar, SB mewtwo is better than any non-legendary option.

I’d say yes and no, mewtwo is now the epitome of outclasses sans stab. It’s a top option, but Giratina took shadow balls ghost domination while numerous others outclassed everything but Psychic.

I have three SB mewtwo and many more legacy gengar, I only use them because I haven’t gotten more than my single lucky Giratina up yet. They are good, but second fiddle To Giratina o, not bad just outclassed and not as necessary.

Shadowball Mewtwo pretty necessary for me. My top 9. I have 5 lucky Giratina-O and this was the best one, stopping at level 32 for a while. The next 3 in my top 12 are two maxed Tyranitar and a filler 2550 Gengar.