Stone Edge Blaziken

Just curious, does anyone actually have a Stone Edge Blaziken? I barely remember the move ever being available for Blaziken, and it was such a long time ago that it was that it just got me wondering.

Just for some “anecdotal data” tell me even if you don’t have one. I’m interested :slight_smile:

Pretty sure that Bellick guy evolved one the first day. There are some contributors here that take a “PoGo break” by catching 100 a day instead of actually taking a day (or a week, or a month off). I’m avid (marginally hardcore) and I evolved 18 Blaziken today, some of these folks could have done 30 before a flinch.

I can never remember who it is, but one of the regulars on here has a 100%. :star_struck:

The move was removed within a day or so of release so very few will exist.

My coworker has one. I am very jealous. :rofl:

Bellick guy here. I do indeed have one and I gave it blaze kick for some utility.


My jealousy knows no bounds.

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It is one of the mons I am most proud of indeed; I recklessly hunted torchic when they came out since it was my starter back in Ruby and didnt’t bother checking its moveset when I evolved it until I found out SE had become legacy on it 3 days later. So, I was very lucky to not only find a perfect one and having enough candy to evolve it in time, but also by not taking any care in which attacks it got and not TMing it into ordinaryland (were TMs already a thing back then?).
It is probably my rarest, although I hear some other select Pokemon have stolen its place as the rarest in the game. There’s a very rare glitched Bug Bite (?) Shedinja and I read some people were able to get shiny Detective Pikachu by triggering the encounter at just the right moment after its event ended. There’s also the fabled shiny party hat Pichu.
Still, can’t complain about my little Kentucky, he has a special place in my collection and PoGO history, and the fact some people here even remember him makes him all the more special :heart:


I think Struggle Bug is the legacy move for Shedinja. While those Mons may be rarer than SE Blaziken, none of them are anywhere near as cool (or useful)! Having a SE Blaziken with perfect IVs definitely bumps it up several notches in the rarity tier, imo. Definitely an awesome, awesome Mon.

Ah! There it is.
I never get sick of seeing that - and now improved.


I used my rare candies to evolve my favorite Pokémon during first day.