Story locked servants vs servants from general pool

I just read guide for SR ticket and I noticed that story locked servants are rated higher just because they are story locked and servants from general pool are treated as lesser priority since “they can spook you anytime”, but isnt’t that kind of misleading?

Picking servant from general pool means that you can always get another copy of that servant anytime you roll so it is easier to get higher np levels = more damage.
Story locked servants will always sit at np1 unless you roll in specific banners.
So isn’t it kind of unfair to label “general pool” as disadvantage?

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It’s kind of subjective.
I mean some prefer to have more servants (hence the reason for story-locked servants) while other aim to np+).

Np1 aside, you also need to evalue these servants (will you ever use them ?)

Those story locked are harder to come by, so you be missing out their niches. I prefer to get those story locked, getting NP2 common pool is quite easy. These free choice ticket are just like grailing, you grail for the servant you love. It just boils down to who you think you will play the most.

"you can always get another copy of that servant anytime you roll so it is easier to get higher np levels "
For that reaso they are leas prioritise

Well, something like this:

  • There is a bit of “quantity vs quality” preferences (or just presence of collectors desire). For example: I like Katou, but looking 2 years into future, I will NEVER roll on any of her banners, so only way to get her is through SR selection tickets.
  • Not all servants actually need extra NP lvl or NP at all - some, primary supports, are perfectly serviceable with NP1
  • Some spooks still will happen, you just have no way ahead to know which will happen in you case. Jokes about players being haunted by some servants exist for a reason :wink: I did roll extra NP lvls for some of golds, without ever touching their rate ups, others evade me still. So, those that can’t spook you at all get priority

I never understood this “go for story-locked servants” thing. Some of them are bad or outclassed by general pool servants and they’ll probably be np1 forever.

yeah but servants with higher np lvls are more useful. Let’s say that you pick story locked SR and then you get lucky and roll SSR from the same class. They will both sit at NP1 so most of the time you will be using 5* since they have better stats, but if you pick servant from general pool and get spooked by him later on he might deal more dmg than np1 SSR.

All story locked servants are at least in minor recommendation category (except Katou Dazo) while some common pool servants are ignored eg Heracles is not recommended while Gawain is.

Another example would be Nitocris. She would be far less usefull if she was in story gatcha.

Speaking of Heracles, he was my starting SR. I never choose him in choice tickets but he spooked me 3 times so now he’s NP4. Higher NP level have diminishing return but I will still take an NP5 Herc spook anytime.

Salter a SL servant is the best Aoe Saber in the entier game in np1,herc a lot of people begin the game with him, gawain is bad is np damage like Suzuka a NL Saber, the 4* servants of the tutorial roll usualy are not priority , some story lock servants are bad but some general poll servants are to like Suzuka,her np damage still trash in np4, but you can chose whatever you want after all,the suggestios are that suggestios

If you want two servant equally, it is obviously better to get the rarer one using the ticket. It is honestly not that hard to understand.


For those of you who spend money and roll a lot more than us F2P, the frequency at which you get SRs is much greater. Since I started keeping track of the SQ gachas back in March, I’ve gotten just 10 SRs over only 435 rolls (which works out to 2.3%, so I’m a bit below the average). Of those, 2 were dupes.

So to me, if there’s a servant you really want and you are F2P, I would put no weight on the “generally summonable” attribute as the odds are pretty low unless I actually roll on a rate-up SR banner (in which case, taking the 100% guarantee right now would seem to be a bargain anyways).


If a player wants a specific SR for gameplay, especially if they don’t plan on rolling many banners or don’t want want to wait for a specific one, I think they will intuitively understand that story-locked status is a secondary concern to their needs.

On the other hand, if the only way to obtain a particular Servant is by rolling the yolo Story Summon or by waiting for very rare banners, many players will take the opportunity to collect.

Also, some players either have no compelling wants or cough have every Servant on the list already. I’ll probably take NP4 Gorgon just because I have no need to roll on future Babylonia banners even though she’s mostly redundant in my Chaldea. NP3 Penth would be a decent option, but she could spook me on any banner.


Of course, if someone wants a specific servant, story-locked or not, that’s the primary consideration.

But for F2P, the odds of getting a specific general pool servant as a random pick from a banner is so small it should basically be not a consideration.

For example, the odds of getting a specific SR when there’s no SR on rate-up is probably around 0.06% (I’m using the story summons odds since I don’t have an example atm for such a banner–it would probably be a little greater as the handful of story-locked servants wouldn’t be there to dilute the pool as much). This is equates to 1 in 1667, so maybe as high as 1 in 1500.

But if there are any SRs in the banner, these odds tank. In the current Da Vinci banner, there are 2 SRs on rate-up, and the odds of a specific non-rate-up SR is just 0.017%. Therefore the odds are just 1 in 5882.

Of course, if the one wanted is on rate-up (e.g., Emiya is now at 1.2% or 1 in 83), and if one was expecting to roll heavily on such a banner, then that’s a bit different. But still, as people have rolled 1000 for an SSR and not gotten them, nothing’s ever certain so I would still say that hoping for a lucky SR drop is not something I’d ever make a consideration between two servants I was considering, at least with the rate that I roll–which I would have to guess is in the 600-800/yr range

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I feel that the probability math can be misleading in terms of what the experience is really like since your roll first has to resolve as a 4* outcome. The numbers look impossibly low on paper, but that’s a combination of the low chance of rolling a 4* and the large pool it draws from.

In practice I find that the difference between “tiny chance” and “no chance” can be significant. Obviously fewer rolls = fewer chances, but some Servants will never appear outside of their designated banners or the dreaded story banner, so I think that’s worth considering at times.

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But that’s not really the case? Not all 4* have 1-to-1 higher rarity equivalents for instance - for just the storylocks,

-Gorgon is straight-up the only Buster AoE avenger that’s not a limited 5*,
-Medea Lily is the only debuff clearer,
-Salter’s NP damage matches and overcomes some 5*
-Thomas Edison has a unique support skill
-Sheba is one of the best offensive ST caster of her rarity until Shuten, and even then she hold her own as being a strong pick

They all offer new and useful playstyles, and aren’t easily available, which is why they’re recommended.

And why would Nito be less useful? She is useful for IK farming, and you only need her at NP1 to do her job, so she’s likely to be recommend.

The reason that Herc isn’t recommended that much is because a lot of his utility is during earlygame for survivability or with his bond CE - outside of that, he’s not a super useful option and once you have a decent roster and don’t need a last man standing, or if you aren’t willing to grind out his bond CE, he drops in usability fast.

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Gamepress evaluates servants at NP1; the theory is bigger roster = better gameplay.

That’s the value on selecting story-locked servants.

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But does Gorgon outshine other buster AoE servants since class advantage is a thing and you rarely meet ruler enemies? so I think she is not that great pick gameplaywise

Martha has party debuff on her skill + she can remove buffs from enemies, there is also BB, Jeanne, Nightingale, so she is a niche pick IMO since she can’t protect her allies

Salter’s base np damage modifier is higher than normally 450% vs 300% so she is like np3 servant (without interlude). This kind of prove my point because she is more valuable since her np hits hard, I don’t think that any other SL servant has that weird np dmg mod.

I don’t know what to say about Edison but for me he also looks like niche character that is worth picking when you have already good roster - just to expand your gamplay options

When I use my Nitocris I don’t relay on IK. I am really happy that she spooked me 3 times and most of the time i use her to clean 1st and 2nd wave (with sumo ce and waver) and she would have problem doing that on np1

As hor Herc. I always wanted him in my roster especially during Nerofest (before I got Merlin and Waver) and for me he is still usefull since you can use him as last man stnding when you are too lazy to build team for cq because you want to go back to farming boxes :slight_smile:

Overall I agree with you that SL servants can open new possibilities. But IMO not all of them deserve to be recommended over servants from general pool since some of them are niche. I didn’t liked the idea to consider being in general pool as disadvantage. As someone said before me, chances of getting specific servant from common pool are low.

In the guide they labeled “general pool” as something less attracktive. I just wanted to point out that it’s not necessarily true

FGO is a collector’s game so they will put higher priority on rarer waifus/husbandos.

Personally, i’m going for Helena and I just hope i don’t regret. I’m going for i need her now vs not getting her via a spook.

i currently working on my Helena, she’s 7/6/6 i got my waver to max bond so he deserves some rest and she should be a nice replacement