Storytime with Ya Boy Adrift

So, I got bored and thought.
Why not recollect on some stories from my past.
It’s storytime with Papa Adrift

The Earthquake Incident

When I was but a wee lad, I lived in California. It was late at night, and an earthquake hit. A pretty big one too. In a tired panic, my mom grabbed something and took cover. What she didn’t realize, she grabbed a tv remote. Not me. After a good amount of time, the earthquake passed and she found me still in my crib, sleeping like the baby I was.

Hospital Happenings

So for about 3 years, I worked at the hospital as a student worker in my area. I have quite a few stories from that place.

Working at a Daycare

Oh boy, is this a story. The hospital had a daycare there. I love working with kids, it’s just fun. But being a male in that field? Oh god, do not get me started on the stereotypes. I was the only male there, and I could see why. They constantly put as far away from the kids as possible, they accused me of purposely skipping work during my lunch break, and they just all around called me out on every little thing possible. I was there for 2 year, but I quit when they started accusing me of being sexual with the kids and tried to get me fired from the hospital completely. I was disgusted and spoke to my boss, the person who ran the student jobs at the hospital. She removed the daycare from the job list and wrote on of the wordiest emails I have ever seen telling them off. She also spoke to the person who ran the hospital at the time, and needless to say, the staff was replaced because they weren’t exactly the nicest to anyone at the hospital outside of the daycare.

That Guy

After quitting from the daycare, I was assigned to stuff that had me going around to rooms offering care items (body wash, deodorant, combs/brushes, etc.) and hot beverages. One morning, there was a patient wandering around the halls of one of the care floors. I’m only allowed to approach people when they’re in their rooms so I didn’t bother him. After he passed, he turned around and the conversation ensued
“Hey kid, you given that stuff out?”
“Why, yes I am. I’m giving this stuff to patients, just to make sure they’re comfortable here.”
“Oh that’s pretty neat. Mind if I take a couple things?”
“Not at all. Just tell me what you take so I can write it down.”
He starts grabbing stuff and then handing them to me after looking at them. I assumed he was making sure I saw what he was grabbing, so I logged them and them put them in a bag for him. After about 5 minutes, I gave him his bag with almost one of everything. He then starts talking to me, asking about what I was into and a whole bunch of stuff. I tried to be as simple as possible, as I didn’t want to be too personal about it. Eventually, a doctor came in and said he needed testing. The patient looked at my tag, put out his hand, and said:
“It was nice meeting you, (Adrift). Hope I see you around, maybe even when I’m not a patient.”
I never saw him again after that… Pretty happy about that too.

The Gift Giver

Okay, this is the last story, but by far the most wholesome one. Doing my rounds with the goodie cart as I called it, I met with one patient who had been in for a while because he had broken his leg. He was a nice guy, I would talk to him every time I saw him. We’d always have something to talk about. On the day he was leaving, he said:

“Y’know, I wish I could do something for you. You’ve been so nice to me and I wanna treat ya to something.”

I replied with the standard:

“I appreciate it, but I can’t accept any money or anything. You could make a donation to (My Boss) so you can help keep this program going so students can get jobs in medical early on.”

He gave a chuckle and said:

“Alright. If you say so”

About a week goes by since he’s checked out, and I’m doing a round with the goodie cart. I enter the floor the patient was on, and a nurse at the front desk says

“When you’re done, there’s something in Room ## (The patient’s room) for you.”

I thought someone might have had an overnight stay while I was off, so there might be unused supplies and such. So I go around to the rooms and finally reach that room. In there, there was a little basket with different candies, a store card for my phone, and a thank you card. Honestly, it was such a heartfelt moment that I shed a few tears. It was a good day. Hope the guy is doing alright.


Darn, man you’ve got quite the stories to tell!

But oof with the earthquake story the remote man, so important

And glad you got a sweet story there, too!

And I low-key thought the title was about the Adrift Banner so I was mega confused about all the life stories. :feh_roy:


Oh yeah.
I would’ve used my other alias but not everyone knows it so, I just went with what everyone calls me.


Oh my God that reminds me of a funny story about me and my dad from when I was a baby.

First some context. I was born premature and very small. So I had so health issues when I was younger. In this case you need to know that I was hooked up to a feeding tube through my nose. Or maybe it was an oxygen tank, can’t remember which it was in this story. Either way I was hooked to to something via a tube and it was quite heavy (compared to tiny fart me). So my father was bringing me in for an appointment or whatever, and he was the only man there. All the other people in the waiting room were mothers. At first they thought it was nice, seeing the father out doing this stuff and all. Well anyways what happened was that went to set me on his lap or something, and the thing I was hooked up to started to fall or something. And of course it dragged me with it. So my dad grabs me by the ankle midair before I can hit the floor. Needless to say, the women in the room went from thinking how good a father he was for bringing his son to the appointment to hating his guts in an instant XD


“Oh no my kid fell of my knee. Guess I just let them fall and bonk their head on the floor”

Okay Karens


Yeah. Like I mean he caught me, that’s pretty impressive!


I dunno what it is, but a dad’s reflexes are outstanding. They can go from just standing there, enjoying a drink…
to holding their kid up as they stop one of those drivable toy jeeps that went out of control somehow with their foot in half a second.


I thought it would’ve been stories about the Adrift Banner or the Adrift units. But I still got to read some pretty interesting stories.


Honestly my medical history is kinda a story in of itself.


I kinda feel the same.
This is nothing compared to what other people have experienced, but about a month after I was born, I had to get 3-4 surgeries on my left eye because of a genetic thing called Juvenile Retinoschisis. My retina detached, and now my left eye is the equivalent of a glass eye.
Almost happened to my right eye too but the surgery helped prevent it.
After that we had to travel across the states, visiting different specialists to see if they could do anything, but they would just recommend us to someone else. Eventually we gave up because we were losing money at this point and couldn’t afford to keep doing this. I just visit with a normal optometrist annually nowadays. I’m still kickin. And I have the best vision possible given my condition


:feh_hridexcited: Storytime! Storytime! I love stories!


Also holy shit my dad (and our entire family really) knows this pain very well. This is actually a pretty personal thing, so I’m not going to make any jokes about it.

Hiding because it's long and kinda personal stuff not everyone may want to read

So I have an older half sister. Her mother is (excuse my language) an absolute bitch and a terrible person. She was an old girlfriend of my father when they had my sister. She lived in New Brunswick, we live in Nova Scotia. So she and my father shared custody of my sister with her staying with one at certain times. However her mother wasn’t taking good care of her at all and shit, so my father fought for legal custody here in NS and won. So the mother has still allowed to have my sister visit and stuff. So eventually one time my sister goes for one such visit, her mother never brings her back to NS. My father takes it to the NB court (remember he had custody according to the NS court) but loses because he was the father. Which is absolutely ■■■■■■■ bullshit. Ever since our relationship with my sister has been very strained and rocky. Her mother being the spiteful bitch she is tought her to hate our father, and despite his (and the rest of our family’s) efforts to have a good and meaningful relationship with her there are still times where she treats my father like absolute shit. And it’s a shame since deep down she knows it’s wrong, but it’s just been so ingrained in her by her mother that things are tough. Honestly I hardly even think of her as my sister since she’s been absent for most of my life.

Yeah so if you read all that thanks. It’s not something I really talk about much since it’s pretty personal.


I had an experience in the hospital once!

…I was brought there in an ambulance due to a collapsed lung. It’s pretty scary when you can hardly breath unless you sit in a very specific position. Was diagnosed with asthma after that. Can’t believe over a year has already passed since then. That was a VERY nasty 2 weeks for me. Luckily, i was treated very kindly by the staff and I got my own private room (I changed rooms a while later too, and that one was even better). Was very homesick too, since I’m bit of a mommas boy I guess.


Yeah. Like I’ve said before

  • Born 2 1/2 months premature at 1 pound and 5 ounces
  • Open heart surgery a few weeks later
  • Acid reflux as a kid (a pretty minor thing really but I had a surgery for it so now I can’t really puke and have a G-tube in my stomach instead)
  • Run over by a car at age 5
  • Acute pancreatitis in 8th grade (12 or 13 years old I think)
  • Jaw surgery a couple of years ago to fix my overbite. Granted this was actually planned and stuff unlike all the other things.

You’re a real fighter.
It just comes back to making combustible lemons and burning Life’s house down from kicking you one too many times.


Yeah that’s always nice. We have a children’s hospital here where I live so staff there are always great! I owe the people there my life on more than one occasion. Actually that’s why my father worked there for a number of years as the CFO of the hospital (he was already an accountant in health care, he actually even wrote a book one it!) Although I’ve been told I was quite the pain in butt when I was in the hospital for the car accident. In fairness I was 5 and just run over by a car, so I don’t beat myself up about it. The jaw surgery was in the adult hospital but I was lucky enough to get my own room.


Yeah. As I’ve said before, a lot of that isn’t stuff I really hide, just doesn’t exactly come up in most conversations.

Screw Valve making Half Life 3, give us Portal 3 damnit!




Hugs! :hugs: