Strange awakening theme team for summoner duels

So I’ve been mulling over an awakening themed team for my first go into summoner duels.

The strangeness of the team comes from everyone having the same spd to benefit from the rapport wand (grant +5 atk/def to highest spd unit at start of turn) and spd opening to stay buffed every turn.

Also, the water blessing should allow Lissa and Robin to proc infantry pulse for L!Chrom (readying deadeye on turn 1) due to the slight hp increase.

This team likely sucks, but it should be fun.


It’s whacky as fuck indeed, but yeah, should probably work. You’ll need to be careful about tharja getting panicked, but that’s about it. A lot of people like to bring Aversa, so be careful of her.

Yeah panic could definitely throw things off, so I’ll need to be aware of that. But at least there’s plenty of space to spread out the team so Aversa should be less of a problem.

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Honestly, you don’t have to worry about Aversa in summoner duels. I haven’t seen a single one since it started. Then again I play book 3 backwards so who knows, maybe she’s the meta in normal duels
But if anything, you’d prolly have to worry more about a Loki with Sudden Panic than Aversa.


I play pre book 3 too, and most of the fights I did had aversa

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For real?

Maybe Walhart has some sort of built in Aversa repellant? :feh_arthurthink:

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