Strange match-up but not all that strange

Okay so
Sableye is a ghost and beats fighters but is also weak to darkness but not so weal because it’s also half dark
Sableye should doubly resist counter but since half dark it resists it once.
Scrafty should wreck a ghost with its dark typing and moves but since it’s also half dark it only deals regular damage to it.
Oh and rip Sableye’s foul play cause there is a clear double resistance there hehehe (guess that’s why it loses the match up)

It’s the trivialest thing I’ve posted yet but the thought process figuring a Ghost/Dark vs a Dark/Fighting seemed so full of exceptions to the rule lmao


The charm shadow gardevoir versus skunktank is also an interesting matchup. Probably the only time gardevoir loses to a dark type though the matchup is very close

edit: adding to that list is golurk versus obstagoon in UL. guess who wins the 0 shield ;)
(It also wins all even shields if baiting is successful)

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Shadow Victreebel vs Claydol
Victreebel Is super effective when have razor leaf on claydol, but he/she lose that fight.
Probably the only time ground type pokémon wins to a shadow Victreebel
(When razor leaf is super effective)

Best buddy wurmple can win with deoxys attack with zen headbutt

Ultra league:
Who will win?
Obstagoon vs Gengar

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Obstagoon would win most of the time, but it depends on the movesets and shields. If Gengar has Shadow Claw/Shadow Punch/ Sludge Bomb and goon has Counter/Cross chop/Hyper beam Gengar probably wins, if goon has Night Slash, it probably wins most if not all shield scenarios.

You mean goon with cross chop and hyper beam? Is there somebody who runs that? I am one of the few running it with hyper beam at all (+night slash). But yea, Gengar usually hides out from the goon for a reason… It is so glassy that even three times resistance vs fighting let counters hurts a bit!
Gengar needs sludge bomb and one shield advantage to win vs the “normal” goons :D

Obstagoon Counter+night slash+cross chop
Gengar every his moveset

Yes, fixed it.

Btw, shadow vic is also not good vs two other ground mons: gligar/gliscor (with wing attack) and steelix

They can also run focus blast on Gengar

True, thanks, haha - was a victim of that with my goon in open some time ago. When the bait works, gengar wins the 1shield