Strategy for Atalante Alter and Avicebron?

So I got both in the recent pull. Judging by her Quick ST NP, I’m guessing she’s for challenge quests as a primary damage dealer with her quick star drop rate and high star weight. Haven’t used Avicebron much yet so can’t say too much there.

Nyanta Alter is going to be a very good ST option with Skadi, especially given her rarity.

Avicebron is your big-battery 3* Caster wave clear with a death gimmick. Paracelsus is worth investing in first since he has that massive buff coming, but Avicebron is great for what he is.

Yeah, about that. Aside from her skill, her Star Weight is absolutely horrendous. It’s below that of most other Berserkers, which already have abysmally low Star Weight. Her base Star Gather Rate is 9 (I believe the average for Berserkers is 10). In contrast, to use someone else on the LB1 Banner, Anastasia’s is 49. And she’s slightly below average for Casters, iirc. Unless you’re running an all-Berserker Team, Nyalter ain’t gonna get any Stars without her skill up.

She’s still a great Servant, though.

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Angry cat

Skadi turns her into a total nuke. Shelf until then.

NP1 Atalante Alter + double Skadi can clear any of the ST raids on the Apoc event

She has good NP gain and a QQABB deck, so that’s nice. better than what Hijikata has to work with


Farming caster, good Plugsuit + taunt CE fodder to eat an ST NP. Buster Paracelsus with normal levels of damage. Big battery for Waverless QP farming runs. Pretty straightforward.