Stray account for adoption - closed

Anybody interested in a stray account. I’d feel bad just abandoning this one considering some of the servants I’ve pulled.

100% free of charge disclaimers being it has 0 quartz and is only through Shinjuku. Also only like 3 servants are leveled passed 1.


i know a person who could use this account if it still available.

I would like the account if its still available lost my account a while ago and recently wanted to start again.

I’m just curious how can you get to shinjuku with no leveled servant?

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Yeah lotta level 1s. But also:

43 Sanzang
33 Stheno
?? Mash

I can adopt it. I have no acc right. I just lost my phone earlier this month. And your account will give me alot of boost. Thanks!

Ugh I meant fuyuki (?) but Shinjuku just comes to mind when I think burn city

First singularity anyway. It’s been a while

I almost committed after getting Sanzou.