Strong Electric Types for the GL?

Hey guys was looking at electric types just for general GL play? Was looking at electrode and started wondering if discharge not being legacy puts him in the same league (ish) I know typing is a huge thing but what are some great GL Non legacy electric types ?

There aren’t really a ton of Electric-types that get used in the GL. For the most part, it’s non-Electric-types using Electric moves like Melmetal and Probopass.

However, Lanturn is typically my go-to option if I’m bringing an Electric Mon to battle. Legacy Magneton with Thundershock/Discharge is also a solid option, though quite glassy.

The issue with Electrode is that its stats are more offensively oriented, so it lacks bulk and staying power. You might be better off running Minun over Electrode if you want a Mon that’s pure Electric-type.

I’d also recommend checking out, as that gives a good breakdown of where different Mons rank in the Great League.

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probopass is pretty good.

edit: forgot probopass is rock/steel, with a good electric attack set

Electric-types, by their nature, tend to have high attack and be rather fragile so none do particularly well in GL aside from Lanturn, who is fairly tanky. Most tend not to have alot of good coverage options either, limiting their flexibility.

Aside from the ones already mentioned, I’ve had some success using Raichu, both regular and Alolan. The latter in particular has gotten some love from Niantic with the additional moves added, including the fast Thunder Shock.

Something tells me stunkfisk will become a popular pick here once released in PoGO

There aren’t really any pure Electric types that are used in GL. Lanturn is the big cheese when looking for an Electric attacker. Magneton is a good pick but relies on legacy moves. Alolan Raichu and Alolan Golem see use in specific Silph Cups. Melmetal uses Superpower and Rock Slide more than it does Thunderbolt.

For non-Electric types with Electric moves Thunder Punch Hypno sees decedent use but also needs legacy Shadow Ball. Probopass is a good big but a big investment.

Yeah, should be, assuming its moves are not tinkered with prior to release, which is a very real possibility.