Stuck at Sect. 19

As the title suggests, I am stuck at Limbo’s and Arjuna’s encounter. I tried the team recommendations but still can’t win. I mostly have difficulty at the second wave since I can’t debuff AA and that I usually heavily use these. Here is my lineup that helped me the most. I was able to succeed at breaking 1 bar with this team.

Any tips?
(English isn’t my first language so if what I said above doesn’t make any sense please do tell me.)

a borrowed np 5 kama goes a long way
to deal with douman and the first bar of arjuna alter


Do you have any starting charge CEs at all?

Np5 Herc solo

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Free to play option

Battle of cannlain and art of death instead of merciless one and chocolate fondue works too. If bedi doesn’t have np levels, another knight class dps with good damage and no difficulty charging could work.


  1. Mozart starbomb and swap for bedi
  2. Hans np per turn on euryale
  3. Crit enemy
  4. Hans will die and bring in arash.
  5. When charged, np bedi and arash to kill enemy.
  6. Vs AA team should now be Mozart, bedi, euryale. Buff Eurayle with everything and break the bar
  7. Everyone dies, scathach alone. Use evade and do ABB for max np gain and let AA finish the job via attacks. If AA does a skill instead of all attacks, will probably need to try again as scathach will be a few % short of np.
  8. Buff scathach and break AA for the win.

free to play option
just command seal revive


Add :fgo_rainbowapple: if not enough


Herc can solo even at NP2 or so, and anybody can get that online with just Georgios and Leonidas. However, a future bossfight for Ch. 19 will have forced story support, so you’ll probably have to raise up a decent DPS (Euryale or similar) anyways.
If you’re trying to make it work with your own Servants, remember that AA’s damage is so ridiculous that every NP is essentially lethal without hard defense, and every facecard is basically lethal as well. Taunts and invincibility (Mash, Leonidas, Georgios) are usually the move. Volumen Hydrargyrum (CE) is an MVP if you have it.

No forced support for 19-1. Only 19-4 requires forced support in the chapter

Wait 3 days and use all 3 command seals for full team revive after a wipe.

This is not hyperbole btw — I used this method to clear Shimousa back when my team was severely lacking. It worked well and it gave me downtime in between to think things through and farm mats to improve my team


Now that ash is out, I have seen a lvl 100 ash solo this as well.

Also what strategy are you trying to accomplish by starting 2 berserkers (one AoE and absolutely no defense) with no starting charge against limbo that hits AoE every hit?

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I have :
A tale of love and hope (Not mlb)
New beginnings (not mlb)
Starry nights (not mlb)
Aerial drive (not mlb)
Fortress of the sun (mlb)
Devilish Bodhisattva (not mlb)
Magical girl of sapphire (not mlb)
The classic three great heroes (not mlb)
Kaleidoscope (not mlb)
Beautiful dreamer (mlb)
Painting summer (not mlb)
One summer (mlb)
The imaginary element (not mlb)
2x beautiful dreamer (not mlb)
His rightful place (not mlb)
Grand puppeteer (not mlb)

I borrowed a pre Losbelt Mash and used all the def down and Atk up at once. Most of the time it worked to get me to the second wave. Though after the NP, only Mash is left.

Give it to Jeanne, with her 3rd skill’s battery she NPs turn 1 to kill Ghost Limbo.

With her 1st skill’s Evade, Jeanne can survive the 1st NP from Arjuna Alter unassisted. Use Mash’s Taunt + Invuln to ensure Jeanne and your other Servant live at least one turn as well.

Also replace Chacha with a ST Attacker that can deal big damage to Arjuna, who do you have?


Astraea is better than XX for this fight because her NP deals extra damage against Arjuna, also give her starting charge too instead of 2030, replace Chacha with Billy because of his 50% charge and Evade.

Try breaking Arjuna’s 1st bar ASAP since on Break he purges all buffs and reduces defense of all frontliners by 50%.


Unless you can nuke limbo really quickly (jalter zerker w/ friend merlin? don’t remember how much hp limbo have), fielding a knight/ruler class dps could be better. Fujino will be able to withstand limbo’s attack on her own. Looking at the list of servants, medb+astraea+ryouma should make a decent arts team for both waves of the fight. Really if you are willing to CS revive, this fight amounts to stacking as many ST attackers as you can :fgo_seibathink:

Doesn’t Limbo nuke your starting charge? I thought I remembered that happening to me, as it’s the only fight in the chapter that actually gave me any problems. My strategy relies heavily on turn 1 NPs from Musashi and Merlin, so I ended up seal reviving to finish off Arjuna.

All part of the fun of going in blind!


oh ya right it removes 50% iirc from the walkthrough

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