Stuck on Gawain


I am actually stuck on the last mission of the " Main Gate " in Camelot, I have to beat Gawain for the second time but it seems impossible to me with my actual servants, do I have a way to beat him with my actual servants or I have to farm ?

I have 700AP ready to use

Borrow a support maxed out Archuria/Orion/Euryale, bring 2x meatshields (L1 George/Leonidas), win.


Hi, for gawein you need some servant. Strong st Archer , and good np gain if possible.
If you want, you can go an level up a euryale, she is a incredible 3 star Archer with anti male np and lot of stalling. She can destroy gawein.

But if you don’t want to level up a servant pretty much only for that fight (she is still good, but she shine vs male saber so), you can go for Chloe /archuria/Orion in your friend list .

If you are into it you can even solo him with a support Chloe or cu alter (I have done both, and I am pretty sure archuria can do it to, but I did not try her).

If you want I can add you, and you can use either my archuria or my cu alter (I removed Chloe from the support list).

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I just made a spot if you need one, my profile has my friend code. Add me but let me know what your IGN is, I can switch out one of my supports for Orion.

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I sent a friend request to Kayo to try the ( 2x meatshields + Orion ) and here is my ID for Exa and i’d like to know more about this " solo cu alter " it’s interesting if I can’t manage to get him with Orion

Here is my ID : 459,018,103

Thanks to all of you for your answers !

For you to copy.

Do you need a friend with a Euryale?

Mine is 9/9/9 and I can stick a Black Grail on her.

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Sure why not, here is my ID : 459,018,103

Thank you :D

Sent you a request and she’s in the All slot.

Good luck!

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Thank you i’ll try the solo strat right now !

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Don’t forget David, that harp of healing is amazing to survive an np. Meat shields protecting eurayle who will charm Gwain out of a turn on np, then David to protect in between should be good. Better than me anyway… I threw archers at him till they all died (but not euryale because I didn’t know about trait damage then), used CS’s to keep going, and barely managed to eek out a win. It was after that I found the GP walk throughs to make sure I didn’t stumble blind into anything so dastardly again…

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I won with Euryale thanks a lot jakeyb would be great if you could keep me in your friend list till i’m done with the 2 other fights vs Gawain !

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I sanded the friend request

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Sure thing. Glad she pulled through for you!

Dang, I came in to late. Was going to offer you my 10/10/10 lvl 90 Euryale. I actually did not have a single ST archer at the time I had to face Gawain . It was rough.

Sorry for adding late, Im sure there are other support servants on my list you can use. I have my Orion and Archuria both up so you can choose.