Stuck on Giovanni & Persian

I’ve gotten up to Giovanni and his Persian is kicking my butt. Much worse than in December when I was able to beat him.

My best Fighting-type is Machamp at level 30.5 with IVs of Atk 11, Def 12, Sta 14, CP 2571, HP 162. He faints with Persian at about 50% or just under. I have a level 33 Blaziken with Counter, Blast Burn, and Brave Bird. I also have a level 20.5 Hariyama with Counter & Dynamic Punch. Blaziken and Hariyama are at average IVs.

I’m just not able to take out Persian with Machamp and I’m well into my 2nd Mon before Persian faints. I can trot out Machamp followed by Hariyama, but Hariyama faints about 10% of the way through Giovanni’s 2nd Mon.

I don’t have any of the other Persian counters like Lucario or Giratina, so I’m wondering if I should keep powering up Machamp (not a lot of Stardust in my inventory), or try another approach.

Thank in advance.


I’ve never fought him, but I’ve heard that Lucario is really good against Persian, since it’s a Fighting/Steel type. The only problem is that Riolu can only be found in 7KM eggs and it’s hard to find, even in those specific eggs, since Alolan Pokemon are usually the most common Pokemon in those eggs.

For now, do you have any other fighting types or steel types and what are their IVs?

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What’s the moveset, though?

I assume the problem here is that this specific Persian has Scratch as Fast Move. Even a Level 40 Machamp has nearly no chance of beating that. Maybe try to find another Giovanni whose Persian has Feint Attack as Fast Move, then you‘ll probsbly be able to beat it


Machamp has Counter & Dynamic Punch.

My next best Fighting-type is a pretty wimpy Hariyama and a mediocre Blaziken.

For Steel, I have these:
Magnezone Lv 33 Atk 11 / Def 13 / Sta 15 / CP 2826 / HP 140 // Charge Beam & Wild Charge
Magnezone Lv 30 Atk 10 / Def 8 / Sta 14 / CP 2685 / HP 136 // Charge Beam & Mirror Shot
Aggron Lv 33 Atk 7 / Def 6 / Sta 7 / CP 2509 / HP 134 // Iron Tail & Heavy Slam
Aggron Lv 29.5 Atk 13 / Def 12 / Sta 12 / CP 2473 / HP 133 // Dragon Tail, Stone Edge, & Heavy Slam
Steelix Lv 33 Atk 14 / Def 4 / Sta 12 / CP 2101 / HP 144 // Iron Tail & Heavy Slam

Interesting… So not all Persian encounters with Giovanni have the same attacks? I think I’ll know if the Persian has “Scratch” in about 10 seconds in that case after Machamp faints. ;-) It doesn’t tell me exactly what the attack is, but when M faints before I get off one Dynamic Punch, I’ll know.

Just watching Persians attack animation should already help. Scratch is faster than Feint Attack, so Persian will do the animation quicker and more often compared to Feint Attack

Try giving you machamp a second move. I’m not sure what other moves it has but I know rock slide charges a little faster than DP. For Giovanni and the other leaders I aim to tear away their shields before going for damage. Power up Punch is a great move for that charges quick to take down shields and also stalls the opponent so their not attacking as much. That mo e iscpart of what makes lucario so great, but many other mons learn it and can be used to take on persian

Cross Chop is also an option. It does less damage but charges a decent amount faster as far as I know, so aiming for that as an anti-shield move could be worthwhile and possibly a better option than going for Rock Slide (solely for this situation)

I have a 100 IV level 40 Machamp with C/DP/RS and it just cannot take out Persian if it has Scratch. I use Giratina instead. Try using any bulky Ghost type.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary to give the second move to this Machamp, or to find another Giovanni with different fast move (I mean it’s pretty hard to find real Giovanni anyway). I suggest you to use something which resists Persian’s fast move at the first and switch to Machamp when the health of Persian goes down. The main idea is the use the 2 seconds of free damage time to finish Persian while Machamp keeps most of his health. PvP isn’t mainly about making super effective damage but resistance and hopefully double resistance.
I used my maxed out T-tar (smack down+stone edge) to start with. Shielded the first charged move. Smack tar and Machamp will both do neutral damage to Raikou so it won’t be so bad (your third Pokemon is basically for his second Pokemon if it’s not weak to fighting).


Look for the pokemon with the highest HP you have (and that can deal some damge to Persian :wink:) Think things like Melmetal…

And start with another Pokemon and Switch to the one you want to use

But resistance is almost more important then super effective attack… so try and look for an resistant Pokemon (that is why Hariyama sometimes works better then Machamp)

You might want to start out with something like Melmetal Thundershock / Rock Slide, Scizor fury cutter / x-scissor or night slash, or Flygon Dragon Claw to burn the shields down. And then keep firing charge moves as quick as possible while they’re idle inbetween, so they can fire only 1 fast move at you between your charged moves.

You could use that for any rocket fight, too, although it speeds up a lot of course if the charged move is also SE.



Make that Hariyama STRONK. Then, you will be ready…

Even though his IVs are not very good?
His Atk = 5, Def = 10, Sta = 9.
He’s actually a Level 30.5 (20.5 was a typo)

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Hmm. I feel sure that my Hariyama got rid of Persian last time we faced off. Mine’s the same level as yours. May have died too but he got rid of it or at least came close. That’s the best I’ve been able to do is just Counter it to death. If you have an extremely high level Vape with Aqua Tail, that could be another option.

Not extremely high-level,but he’s pretty good.
cp 2485 / hp 206 / Atk = 15, Def = 14, Sta = 15. Lev28
Water Gun & Aqua Tail

For Persians that have Scratch, I use a Metagross. Meteor Mash does the work.