Stuck on Opening Loading Screen Error

Recently I got a new phone, one that’s finally capable of playing Pokemon Masters—annnnnnnnd, after finishing the initial download (whether or not I decided for or against downloading additional resources asap), the game’s screen freezes on a frozen loading screen. Curiously, tapping the screen in an attempt to get past it incites an audio response (presumably by progressing the opening story/scene), but otherwise has no effect on the whole frozen issue.

Uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting, cache clears, and even linking my nintendo account all fail to work, even when done multiple times.

Has anyone else received this error—and more importantly, of any ways to fix it??

I would recommend clearing some space (deleting old/archived photos/videos, deleting neglected apps Etc.) and try then

Removed what I could (which isn’t saying much; PokeMas was first thing I installed that didn’t come with the phone), but no dice. Finishing the optional(?) additional/secondary downloads doesn’t help either—the pokeball loading logo moves a few spots before freezing regardless.

Ftr, my free space is now 3.47 GB

This is a predicament

I’ve heard that VPN apps can improve connection and make apps run smoother, perhaps look into getting one of those, or maybe your phone needs an update, at this point it’s just rouge theories, sorry I couldn’t be more help

It’s alright! If it were an easy fix it’d, well, be an easy fix…! :'D

It’s just baffling since it doesn’t seem to be an actual loading error, as the opening scene WILL proceed if i tap-tap-tap… there’s just. Yk. Loading screen ‘curtain’ in front; a display error/bug, if anything, it seems