Stupid fanmade Ace Attorney unit builds (Repost because I'm an idiot :p)

Here’s some fanmade builds for AA characters because I’m a trashy AA fan :p
This is also a repost because I posted the first one on accident when it wasn’t finished Xp

Pheonix: Ace Attorney
Infantry Blue Tome
Wep: Objective Finger Point- If enemy attacks first and has 100% HP, unit gains +6 attack and enemy is inflicted -6 def/res. Cannot attack from melee range by default.
A: Duel Destiny- Unit can attack from any range. If unit is attacked from melee range, unit inflicts physical damage. If unit is attacked from a distance, unit inflicts magical damage.
C: Even Attack Wave

Edgeworth: Prosecutor of Justice
Infantry Red Tome
Wep: Updated Autopsy Report- If enemy initiates combat, unit attacks first and enemy only gets to attack once.
B: Prosecutor’s Path- Unit can pass over any terrain and isn’t effected by movement reducing skills.
C: Odd Res Wave

Franziska: Perfect Prosecutor
Infantry Sword
Wep: Whip- If unit attacks first, unit can preform two consecutive attacks and gains +3 atk. If unit is attacked, enemy is only able to attack once.
B: Null Follow-Up
C: Foolish Move- If unit is attacked more than once during an enemy phase, unit gains +7 def until end of phase

Godot: Masked Mystery
Infantry Red Dagger
Wep: Godot Blend #102- If enemy is above 75% HP, unit makes guaranteed follow up attack and for cannot counter.
A: Def/Res Solo
B: Mysterious Grude- If unit is attacked by enemy unit on enemy phase and both units survive, unit gains +5 atk/spd when attacking the same enemy unit next turn. Only activated if no ally units are adjacent.

Maya: Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique
Infantry Green Dragon (Yes, Mia’s a dragon now, deal with it. Just think of it like Grima coming to F!Robin’s side as a transformation)
Wep: Spiritual Mia- If unit is adjacent to ally(s), ally(s) and unit gain +5 def/res during combat. Unit can attack from any distance.
A: Mystic Boost
C: Kurain Channeling Technique- If any ally unit is KO’d, unit gains +3 atk/def/spd/res and cannot be follow-up attacked. Effects can be stacked.

And I don’t remember a lot of skills, it’s been a good while since I’ve played Heroes so take these build with a big pinch of salt. Anyway, that’s it for this stupid post lol.


Where are the pictures?

You know I’m not smart enough to read all that, I need pictures.



Give me a break, I live off my slow data and don’t have the costom Feh unit builder app, cut me some slack xp

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I feel Apollo would have sturdy impact, given he’s a defence attorney, who have the power to change the fate of others.


Haven’t gotten to AJ yet so I wouldn’t know what to give him lol
Also, @Cutiepie67 and @MrShinyGyarados because I think they might like this post :p


I will proceed to tentatively @Kirchou
Oh whoops, didn’t see that above me, nevermind then.

Guess I can shamelessly repost my Apollo build!

Chords of Steel - Mt 14
Effective against flying foes. Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If unit is attacked, grants spd/def +4 during combat. Grants +10 to damage when Special triggers.

I chose a bow because the Chords of Steel should have a long range

Attorney’s badge
Disables foe’s skills that guarantee foe’s follow-up attack and foe’s skills that prevent unit’s follow-up attack and neutralizes status effects. Disables skills that prevent counterattacks during combat.

Basically Null Follow-Up and Null C-Disrupt. No one should escape Justice!


What did I stumble into. XD

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The Ace Attorney fandom doing it’s thing


In that case, I’ll just repost the one I did too!

Twisted Samurai - Simon Blackquill
Silence! 16 Might - After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts status on target and foes within 2 spaces of target preventing counterattacks through their next actions.
Atk/Def Solo 3
Taka - Cooldown reduction (like Infantry Pulse) skills that affect the enemy affect this unit too.
Mind Games - At start of turn, bonuses become penalties on all foes in cardinal directions.


Really late to be asking this. But what app do you use to make these custom hero’s?

In “Custom Unit” tab

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Okay, thanks!